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This photo is of The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma in concert at Regency Park Baptist Church in Moore, Oklaoma, with Dr. Bill Green directing.


The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma are a group near and dear to my heart.  Not only was my wife, Cindy,  a member of this group for over 14 years, but we also know so many of the women personally.   When Cindy joined the group, we were living in Western Oklahoma; so she was part of the Singing Churchwomen West (the group is so large that they only combine the East & West groups once of twice a year.  In most months, each group gives a concert on their side of the state of Oklahoma).  A few years later, I was called to a church on the East side of the state, so Cindy was then a part of the Singing Churchwomen East for several years and eventually served as their President-Elect and then President.   In addition to these connections, some of the women are the wives of Ministers of Worship; and their husbands are in The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, a group which I was a member of for 18 years.   I’ve met some of the wives of my brothers when they would come to our concerts or even come along as travelling companions on our mission trips.   There were also women in the group who had been part of my church choirs from all 4 of the churches that I had served in full-time ministry in Oklahoma.  The Singing Churchwomen are a very special group of women who love the Lord and each other and love to sing praises to the Lord.  I have heard some amazing, angelic sounds from this group.

It has been my joy to arrange and compose music for The Singing Churchwomen, and to hear them sing some of my music in concert and in the recordings that they have made.  In addition to pieces that I was asked to arrange or re-voice for the group, they have also sung (and sometimes recorded) many of my original choral pieces in SSAA arrangements, including “You Are a Spring,”  “Let the Trumpet Sound,”  “He Took Up a Cross,”  “One Like Me,”  and “God is Faithful.”   I’d have to say my favorite song to hear them sing was my choral anthem entitled, “I Am Here.”   This anthem is a message of hope and encouragement and a reminder that God is right here with us even when the circumstances of life are very difficult.   Knowing so many of these women and the challenges and trials they have overcome and endured, it was like listening to the beautiful combined voices of so many sisters in Christ, sharing their personal testimony of God’s nearness in their time of need.   This particular photo is very meaningful to me because I served at Regency Park Baptist Church, where this concert took place, from 1989 until 1993.   We still have a lot of friends from this church and attended their 50th Anniversary Celebration in July of 2011.  It was this church for which I wrote “I Am Here”  after their buildings and over 40 members’ homes were destroyed in the May, 1999 F5 tornado that hit Moore and Southwest Oklahoma City.   The nearness of God’s presence is so necessary and comforting when our lives have been turned upside down; and there is no more meaningful picture of this fact for me than to see this photo of the group that so beautifully sang the message of  “I Am Here”….  in concert in the new worship center built by Regency Park.

And, He was there…just as He is here now.

Sometimes, we need a reminder of the nearness of our God.  Whether we are just feeling alone or are in a time of trial, the assurance of God’s presence is a healing gift to our spirits.  This assurance often comes directly from His spirit within us.  Sometimes it comes through reading scripture or through a sermon or testimony.  And sometime, it comes in a song.  Be encouraged.  He is here!

Some of the lyrics from “I Am Here”:

Be encouraged!  I am here….
Bring comfort for each tear,
Giving hope when all seems lost
In the power of the cross.

When the walls around you crumble,
And your heart is filled with fear,
Rest assured that I’ll be with you!
I Am here.”

copyright Travis L. Boyd


“I Am Here” is available on the WorshipSounds Music website
as an SATB Choral Anthem and as a Vocal Solo in 2 keys

  You can view the music for the Vocal Solo as you listen to a computer demo
(Solos are on our website’s Home Page in the left side bar)

The Video Demo for the Choral Anthem can be found on our website’s Adult Choir music page
(Click “see and hear the music”)

There is also an Orchestration for the Choral Anthem.


Click photo above to go to our WorshipSounds website

Click photo above to go to our WorshipSounds website


Our post entitled Song Story for:  “I Am Here”  also references “I Am Here” and the circumstances that inspired the composition of the song. http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/blessings-through-gods-presence/


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