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Song Story for: “I Am Here”

This is what the Regency Park Baptist Church worship center looked like before the tornado.

On May 3, 1999, an F5 tornado roared through Central Oklahoma, devastating parts of the communites of Moore, Del City, Midwest City, and SW Oklahoma City.  In the path of this tornado was a church that is close to our hearts, Regency Park Baptist Church in Moore, where Travis served from 1989 until 1993.   The tornado destroyed 5 of the 6 buildings of Regency Park, as well as schools, homes, apartment buildings, and other structures.  Over 40 people were killed on that day as a tornado outbreak swept across parts of the state.  More than 3 dozen of Regency Park’s families lost their homes.  Our hearts were hurting along with our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, though we no longer lived in Moore.  We kept in touch with the prayer needs of the people, and Travis was inspired to write a song of comfort and encouragement.  That song was, “I Am Here.”  It’s a message about the nearness of God’s presence even in times of uncertainty and calamity.   “I Am Here” is still a special song to the people of Regency Park.  Travis was asked to direct the Reunion Choir in singing it at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Worship service in July of 2011.

Many other churches and individuals have also been touched by this message of God’s abiding presence.  The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma sang “I Am Here” as part of their repertoire in several concerts during the months of recovery efforts for the people whose lives had been torn asunder.   Regency Park was able to meet offsite temporarily as they renovated and restored their one remaining building, which had been heavily damaged by the tornado.  Eventually, they were able to purchase adjoining land and build a new Worship center, fellowship space, offices, and additional classroom space.  The photograph of the remains of Regency Park’s former worship center was taken not long after the tornado, before the building had to be razed.  This church continues to serve their community and be a light for Christ in this world, in spite of all of the challenges they have overcome.  God was with them through it all, and his message to the people of Regency Park through their darkest hour still resonates for all who know the Lord:     “Be encouraged!  I Am here!”

In this aerial view of some of the devastation in the community of Moore, the buildings of Regency Park Baptist Church are the red brick buildings on the far left, shown under the white water tower.  5 of the 6 buildings were no longer structurally sound and were razed.   The two story educational building at the farthest left side of the photo is the only remaining building still standing today.  The other red brick church building shown near the taller water tower is the First Baptist Church of Moore, which also sustained damage.  Since their damage was not as severe, this church was able to salvage all of their buildings and was able to shelter the homeless and care for tornado victims in other ways, with help from volunteers from churches all over the Oklahoma City metro area.

NOTE:  There were schools that were destroyed in the 1999 tornado, just as there have been in the 2013 storm.  In 1999, it was later in the day when the tornado hit; so school children were no longer in those buildings.  In fact, in the above photo, you should have been able to see a school that was across the street from Regency Park.  (Regency is on the west side of Janeway Avenue, and the school was on the east side.)  However, that school was blown away.  In addition, there was a Moore Public Schools resource center right next to Regency Park, on the same side of Janeway.  That building was also blown away and was not re-built.  Regency Park Baptist purchased the adjacent land where the resource building had been from the school district, and their new buildings are on the purchased lot (a large parcel of city block size).

2013 UPDATE:  Regency Park Baptist Church did not lose any of its buildings in the May, 2013, tornado.  So far, from their church facebook page, they are reporting that 3 member families lost their homes in the 2013 storm, and 5 had major damage.  I’m sure that there is some minor damage such as lost shingles or broken windows in many more homes, and they are all coping with having no water or electricity as well as debris everywhere (in the immediate aftermath).   One family also lost family members.  Their graand-daughter and young great grandson were among the lives lost.  Regency Park members are already involved in helping and are looking for additional ways to help as neighborhoods are opened up for clean-up.  Local and state churches and agencies are hard at work, and help is coming in from everywhere.  Please continue to pray for the people in this devastated area and for all of those who are helping them to recover.


Song story by Cynthia Boyd
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Travis directs the reunion choir (at the Regency Park Baptist  Church 50th Anniversary service) in singing "I Am Here".  The service took place in the new Worship Center, which was built to replace the one destroyed by the tornado in 1999.

Travis directs the reunion choir (at the Regency Park Baptist
Church 50th Anniversary service) in singing “I Am Here”. The service took place in the new Worship Center, which was built to replace the one destroyed by the tornado in 1999.

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Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

*  “I Am Here”, written by Travis L. Boyd, is still available as a Choral Anthem for SATB Choir on our website, with a Full Orchestration available as well.
*  “I Am Here”  is also available in a solo version
in multiple keys for vocalists.

Both the choral and solo versions can be found on our Worship Sounds Music website.

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The Medium Voice Solo version demo above features the accompaniment track, which is the same arrangement as the Full Orchestration that is available.

The SATB Choral Video demo features a computer playback of the piano part and vocals, with the music scrolling as you listen.

There is a Full Orchestration available for “I Am Here”.

Our post entitled “Blessings Through God’s Presence”  also references “I Am Here” and the ministry of The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma.


The new Worship Center of Regency Park Baptist Church, built for the glory of God.

The new Worship Center of Regency Park Baptist Church, built for the glory of God.

To view a photo album from Regency Park’s facebook page, which has photos of the tornado damage in 1999 as well as photos of the one remaining building (the 2-story Education Building), which did not have to be razed.  There are some photos in this album of the worship space that was created on the main floor of the education building when the damaged building was repaired as well as a few photos of the beginning of work on the newly purchased land where new buildings were eventually located.

To view a photo album of the construction process on the new buildings, go to this link:


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Song Story: “The Magic of Jesus”

Velma Baptist Church, where Travis and Cindy were saved in 1978 and first became involved in worship ministry. Velma Baptist was our home church during the time that this song story took place.

The stories of our songs are really stories of our faith journey.   At the time that these events took place, Travis and I were both teaching public school music.  Travis was a Band Director for grades 5 – 12, and I taught Elementary Music, K – 5.  When Travis and I were both saved at Velma, Oklahoma, on September 3rd, 1978, we came out of the choir loft to respond to the invitation to know Christ as our Lord and Savior.   Having been invited to the church by one of Travis’ band students, we had first attended on Father’s Day.   We’d been attending all summer at the time of our salvation, and we had already begun serving in the music ministry of the church.  God’s Holy Spirit had been at work in our hearts, drawing us to the Lord.  After we were both saved and then baptised a week later, we rapidly became more active in the life of our church, looking for new ways to serve.  Both of us helped with youth, entertained at youth functions (in a band with our Pastor on drums, our part-time Music Minister and teaching colleague on piano, and Travis on bass guitar), worked in Vacation Bible School, went as sponsor on youth trips and to youth camp at Falls Creek,  sang solos when asked, and did all we could to learn and grow as Christians in the first year of our faith walk.   During that year, Travis also began going to a class our Pastor had begun for young men who were called to ministry.   Though he hadn’t yet made public his acceptance of God’s call on his life to vocational ministry, Travis demonstrated his willingness to serve through his desire to attend this special class.  In the midst of all of these rapid changes in our hearts and lives, another change took place.  Travis began to write songs about his faith walk and to sing them when given the opportunity.   The first song that he was inspired to write was “The Magic of Jesus.”

In February of 1979, we attended our churchwide Valentine Banquet.  The entertainer for the event was a Christian magician.  He did a great job with the tricks he performed and then spoke about real magic.  Stating that all of the tricks were just illusions, he explained that the only real magic was the magic of Jesus.  He talked about how magic that is real is truly supernatural, going beyond what we call the laws of nature in a way that defies any ‘natural’ explanation.  Whether walking on water, healing people, or changing a life from the inside out, the real magic of Jesus demonstrates that He is Lord over all of Creation.   This message and the truth that it conveyed inspired Travis to write “The Magic of Jesus.”   Until this point, I know of only 2 songs that Travis had written with lyrics.   He wrote a song called “Money” (while in High School) about how people place too much importance on material things that don’t bring happiness.  Then, when we were dating, he wrote a song for me.   He did write other music, but it was all instrumental.  He wrote original pieces for his bands to play in concert when he was a Band Director, and he did arrangements of well-known songs for his marching bands.  “The Magic of Jesus” was the beginning point of the faith songs that Travis would write for decades to come.   The next time that Travis was scheduled to sing a solo at church, he sang “The Magic of Jesus,” accompanying himself on piano.  When I heard him play and sing this song, I knew that something was happening.  It was my first realization that the Lord was going to use Travis in some way for His Kingdom, even beyond our local church music ministry.  This event took place only a few months before Travis again responded to the invitation in May of 1979.  This time, he was sharing with his church family the fact that he felt the Lord was calling him into some kind of vocational ministry.   Since that time, I’ve been an eyewitness to the work of God through Travis’ life and music.  It really has been magical…in the truest sense of the word.  What God has done through Travis with these messages of faith has been far beyond what Travis could have or would have done on his own.  The ministry of and through music that God has allowed Travis to share flows from the supernatural power of Christ in him….the ONLY kind of magic that is real and eternal.

“Water turned into wine, and He fed the multitude.

Come and see what the magic of Jesus can do for you.

Healing the leper, and causing the blind to see,

The magic of Jesus is here today for you and me.

If you’ll open your heart, and let the Son of God come in and cleanse your soul,

He’ll mend your sin-torn life, if you let Him take control.

Eternity is just a prayer away…a sinner’s pleading call.

Because the magic of Jesus is the greatest magic of all.”

(lyrics from “The Magic of Jesus”  c.  1979  by Travis L. Boyd)
Song story by Cynthia Boyd

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