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“For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. John 3:17

There’s a new addition to the WorshipSounds Music Website!

The powerful message of the anthem “For the Sins of All” is now available for SATB Choir.  There is also a beautiful, full orchestration available.  The lyrics of this anthem tell the story of the amazing, sacrificial love of God and the incredible demonstration of grace in action as Jesus laid down His life in order to provide salvation for us…for the sins of all.

This anthem also has a Full Orchestration available.   In addition, there is a Vocal Solo in of this song on our website’s Home Page in the left sidebar.  The Vocal Solo is available in 3 keys.  Both the Orchestration and our brand new Accompaniment Track (which features the Orchestration) work with both our SATB Choral Anthem and the Medium Voice Vocal Solo.  We do not yet have Accompaniment tracks for the other 2 Solo keys.  You can hear the Accompaniment Track with a Vocal Solo demo at the end of this post.  Scroll down to our Sound Cloud recordings of “For the Sins of All”.

Here are the lyrics to “For the Sins of All”

(Verse 1)
“The tiny cries of a baby in a manger,
A rugged cross on a hill called Calvary,
The perfect plan of a holy, loving Father
Who gave His son to rescue you and me.

For the sins of all
He walked the road to Calvary.
For the sins of all
He suffered on that tree.
With a final shout of victory,
He changed the course of history.
For only He could answer Heaven’s call
And die upon a rugged cross
For the sins of all.

(Verse 2)
Before the world was ever set in motion,
Before the dawn of mankind had begun,
Before the name of Jesus had been spoken,
The Father chose to sacrifice His Son.

(Repeat chorus)

Through the life He led and the blood He shed
And the sacrifice He made,
He was reaching out with eternal love
To the ones He came to save.

(Repeat chorus, with tag ending)

* Lyrics to “For the Sins of All”, copyright Travis L. Boyd, WorshipSounds Music

See this and hear this anthem with our Video Demo on the WorshipSounds Music Website on the Adult Choir music pageat www.worshipsounds.com

Listen to the Medium Voice Vocal Solo Demo with Accompaniment Track on our Sound Cloud recording below.


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