Worship Pastor / Composer Travis L. Boyd and his wife, Cynthia, provide inspiration and resources for the worship community and all believers through sharing the blessings of worship, faith, family, ministry, music, love, & life. We also share information about Worship Sounds Music, which can be found on our Worship Sounds website at worshipsounds.com ~ Downloadable Choral Anthems * Solos * Orchestrations * Worship Songs * Accompaniment Trax

Click the photo above to go directly to our WorshipSounds Music website!

Hello to all of our Boydbrain Music fans! 

We are now WorshipSounds Music !

As our last post announced. our downloadable music website is currently undergoing revision; and we have changed our company name to “WorshipSounds Music”.

Our website was temporarily down as we worked on the changes, but it is now back online.  We are still working on additions and revisions to the website that will improve its appearance and function, but the website is already re-published and fully functional !


The demos for all of our Choral music are available in a Video Album on our Boydbrain Music facebook page.

Here’s the link to view video demos:

Click on this image to go directly to our Album of Choral Videos Demos

(Be sure to view them in full-screen mode to see the lyrics!)

There is information about each choral anthem posted along with its video demo that will take you back to our website for any purchases you wish to make.

Here is the link to our SHOPPING CART page, which has a nice feature.  There is a search capabiity on the shopping cart page which will allow you to look up anthems for a certain voicing or difficulty level.   Then, there is a “Return to Website”  link which will allow you to return to the Home page and go from there to either our Adult Choir website page or our Student, Sr. Adult, and School Choir website page in order to view all of the infomation and video demos for the anthems that have been identified in your searches. 


We are excited about  the new WorshipSounds Music website!



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