Worship Pastor / Composer Travis L. Boyd and his wife, Cynthia, provide inspiration and resources for the worship community and all believers through sharing the blessings of worship, faith, family, ministry, music, love, & life. We also share information about Worship Sounds Music, which can be found on our Worship Sounds website at worshipsounds.com ~ Downloadable Choral Anthems * Solos * Orchestrations * Worship Songs * Accompaniment Trax

Let’s celebrate all that God has donw!

On November 3rd, we will celebrate the one year birthday for our Boydbrain Music/Worship Sounds Life and Worship blog.  It has been a year full of learning and growing for us.  As we have prayed and studied, worshiped and worked to create the posts and pages on our blog, we have learned a lot about God’s love for us, re-discovered the privelege of worship in some new ways, and gained a new appreciation for the history behind some of the hymns and hymn writers whose testimony of faith has been a blessing to discover and whose work has become a part of our testimony as well.  In addition, we’ve been able to write about our appreciation and love for some special choral groups and some very special people.  We’ve shared personal stories about our family and about the circumstances surrounding the writing of many of Travis’ songs.

We’ve shared our passion for the Lord and for ministry through worship.  We’ve shared practical information and links to some great resources.   We’ve shared the news about recent additions to our music website and changes to our company, which now has a new name.  Some of our favorite posts and pages are not about us at all.  There are some about the grace of God, the love of God, our victorious Savior, the Name above all names, and even a page with the most exhaustive list of worship scriptures we have seen on the web.  There are two posts about Jesus.  One is our evangelistic post, “Do You Know Jesus?”, with some great links to websites that would answer any question a seeker might have.  The other is “His Name is Jesus”, which could be used as a reading in a worship service.  We also have posts specifically for worship leaders about subjects such as worship planning and preparation, creative ideas for worship, and planning a worship ministry appreciation sunday.

In summary, we’ve had a great first year with a lot of personal opportunities for incredible moments of worship.  In contemplation of many of our writings, there were so many moments when truths about God’s word, about who He is, about His marvelous grace, about our wonderful Savior…and the great, great love of God…would just pour fresh revelation into our hearts through His Spirit.  Writing is thinking, and in the writing of our blog articles, we’ve done a lot of thinking and meditating.  We always want our purpose to be redemptive and to bring glory to God.  So, for our birthday, send up a prayer that we will honor God through the ministry of this blog and write as we are inspired by His incredible eternal love story.

We love all of our blog visitors and pray for you!  We’ve had visitors from 140 countries so far and are closing in on 16,000 ‘hits’.  The top 3 search terms that lead people to our blog have always been and continue to be “God”, “Worship”, and “Worship God”.  From the point where we started a year ago, knowing absolutely nothing about blogging, it has been an amazing year.

Thank you to all of you who have spent some of your valuable time reading our posts and pages!

Our desire is to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for everyone who visits our blog.

We’ve had almost 3,000 viewers of our home page who also scrolled down through our archives of previous posts, and all of our 57 posts and 17 pages have been viewed by people around the world that we will never meet this side of Heaven.  That is amazing to us.  All glory goes to our awesome God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving us life, salvation, and a testimony to share.  Here are 14 Top Posts and Pages from our first year, with the number of views through today:

Lifestyle Worship More stats 1,377
Ideas for Choir Appreciation Sunday/ Music Ministry Sunday More stats 1,120
Just for you! More stats 1,020
Lift your voice!  (worship scriptures) More stats 736
Creative Worship Ideas More stats 669
Worship Planning and Preparation More stats 601
Song Story…”Much More Than a Song” More stats 450
Joyfully Sing! More stats 391
The Name Above all Names More stats 385
Understanding Worship More stats 287
Choir Appreciation Sunday More stats 271
Top Ten Music Ministry Thankfulness List More stats 254
Disappointment…and Grace More stats 230
Victorious Savior!                                                         229

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