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What hate does… What LOVE does

For all of the victims of hate, and for those who choose to love…

What Hate does…

Hate plots and plans.
Hate does not dream.
It festers,
And it coldly schemes.

Instead of seeking to enjoy life,
Hate calculates how to destroy life.

Hate sees the options that are worst,
Inflicting pain, and causing hurt.
Hate never puts another first.

Hate explodes in rage-filled gore.
Hate thrives when reason loses.
Hate kills the promise it consumes
For anyone it chooses.

Hate is a thief of life and love,
An enemy of joy.
Hate has come to kill and steal,
It’s purpose: to destroy.

Hate ruins those who harbor it,
Hate’s fury is a cancer.
Hate eats a soul from the inside out.
Hate is not the answer.

by Cynthia A. Boyd
March, 2016


What Love does…

Love is joyful in the giving.
Love is hopeful in the living.
Love is patient, Love is kind
Love keeps other hearts in mind.

Love can’t wait to help another.
Love lifts up a fallen brother.

Love sees the good in everyone,
Encouraging those in need.
Love goes beyond the surface
To be a friend, indeed.

Love binds up wounds,
Eases distress,
Comforts and prays,
Longs for the best.

Love rejoices in the truth.
Love understands the confusion of youth.

Love is a giver who never gives in.
Love knows that peace is the way to win.
Love conquers hatred.
Love drives out fear.
Love gathers loved ones,
Love holds them dear.

Love knows that only in dying to self
And embracing God’s salvation,
Can we truly love others as Jesus loves us
and become His new creation.

By Cynthia A. Boyd
March, 2016


Love gives


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