Worship Pastor / Composer Travis L. Boyd and his wife, Cynthia, provide inspiration and resources for the worship community and all believers through sharing the blessings of worship, faith, family, ministry, music, love, & life. We also share information about Worship Sounds Music, which can be found on our Worship Sounds website at worshipsounds.com ~ Downloadable Choral Anthems * Solos * Orchestrations * Worship Songs * Accompaniment Trax

Inspiring Posts & Pages just for You!

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. For I am the Lord you God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.” Isaiah 43:1 & 3

to the Worship Sounds Music blog!

We want to make it easy for you to find posts that are helpful and inspirational.

There are a lot of choices!  

Our posts and pages cover a wide variety of topics that are of interest to all Christians.  Some of our posts and pages are focused on worship ministry from the viewpoint of a Worship Pastor or Leader, Choir Director, Music and Worship Minister, or worship team member.  We understand that these posts are not for everyone.  However, there are many posts on our site that are written for anyone who knows and worships God through the saving work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our posts and pages:

*  Tell about our great God
*  Focus on personal discipleship or on family life
Share worship scriptures that are great for use during your personal worship time 
*  Give new insights on worship that will speak to the heart of every Christian.
*  Provide practical helps such as devotional aids and even ideas for specific life circumstances such as dealing with the illness or injury of a loved one.

To make it easier for you to find the posts and pages written just for you (and for every worshipper and seeker of Jesus Christ), we’ve listed them by category below.

We’ll begin with

NOTE:  The titles of these pages can be found in our Blog header.  Just click on the title to go to the page of your choice.

*  The  “About Our Blog”  page tells who we are and why we are blogging.

*  The  “Do You Know Jesus?”  page is for seekers who are looking for answers about Jesus, about God, about life here and eternal life, and for those who are unsure about whether they have fully trusted in Jesus for their salvation.

*  The  “Extending God’s Grace”  page is great for every Christian to read.  It tells about ways that we can allow the grace of God to transform the ways that we interact with others.

*  The  “Grace really is amazing!”  page is a heart-touching true story…the story of God’s amazing grace and why it is so amazing!

*  The  “Joyfully Sing!”  page is informative and inspiring, with reasons why it’s a good thing to sing praises to the Lord (for all who are able to lift their voices!).

*  The  “Lifestyle Worship”  page is a must-read page for every Christian.  It explains what it means to live with an attitude of worship, seeking to bring God glory in all that you do, think, and say (with the help of God’s Holy Spirit).

*  The  “Lift Your Voice”  page is a resource page that lists scriptures related to worship in Biblical order.  It’s very helpful for personal worship times and for learning more about what the Bible has to say about worship.

*  The  “Ministry Moments”  page is about how God works in our lives.  It’s a reminder that we must seek Him first, and then there will be times when we experience some kind of supernatural moments of His ministry in our hearts and lives.

*  The  “Music and Healing”  page is just what the title implies.  For anyone interested in the topic of how music can aid in spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing, there are some great links as well as some perspective paragraphs.

The final 3 pages, on the bottom line of our header, have to do with our music.  For anyone who is interested, there is information about our published music, with listening links and sample pages.  There is also information about the available music sold through our website and the other information found there, @  http://www.worshipsounds.com

Here are the posts in the category called “Helpful Posts for Every Christian”:

The Name Above all Names  The names given to Christ and the reasons why His name is supreme over all others

Worship…it’s all about Giving!   With a scriptural understanding of worship as our response to the continuouly giving heart of God

You Are Greatly Loved!  An ABC list of all the ways God’s love for us has been revealed

Understanding Worship   A post about the importance of what we bring to worship and our understanding of true worship

Attention, Please!  It’s a wake up call!   When we face obstacles or discover that what we thought was effective is no longer working, how should we respond?

He is Jesus!  What makes Jesus uniquely supreme so that every knee will someday bow to him as Lord

Year-round Resolution ABCs  A helpful list of reminders to keep before you all year long as you seek to live to glorify the Lord

Worship ABC’s  We were created to worship, so these ABCs are essentials in keeping the right perspective about living a worshipful life.

When a Loved One’s Health is Failing   A post for those who are dealing with a difficult situation, this article offers comfort and practical helps.

Psalm 23   illustrated and applied

OUR  Song Stories  CATEGORY
For those who would enjoy reading a testimony of how a song was written,
any of the posts would be great reading just for you.

Song Story:  “Amazing Grace!  Eternal Life!”

Song Story:  “I Am Here”

Thank you again for visiting the Worship Sounds Music blog. 

We hope that you have been blessed, challenged to grow, and inspired.

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