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Introducing “A Prayer for the Saints,” a new Worship Anthem & Congregational Praise Hymn

“But I trust in You. O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” Psalm 31:14

At WorshipSounds Music,
we are introducing the powerful new SATB Anthem and Modern Hymn,  called  “A Prayer for the Saints” !

This incredible message has been brilliantly arranged for your choir.  You’ll love the recurring motif in the piano accompaniment and marvel at the smooth harmonic transition in the second modulation.  Even more importantly, the lyric content is a profound prayer, expressing the heart cry of every Christian who longs to grow closer to God and to become more like Jesus.
The melody is beautiful and singable, making this modern hymn very appropriate for congregational worship.  As a result, “A Prayer for the Saints”  is currently available in two formats on our Boydbrain Music website:

**  The powerful SATB Anthem PDF is available for $15.00, with permission to make an unlimited number of copies (for your choir and accompanists only).

**  A Worship Pak for  “A Prayer for the Saints”  is available for $10.00.  It includes a lead sheet for rhythm section, a reproducible hymn sheet (bulletin or hymnal size), and a Vocal/Piano score.

Subtitled  “Your Saving Grace,”  “A Prayer for the Saints”  is in the current repertoire of  The Sons of Jubal, a large mens’ choral group sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Convention and consisting primarily of Ministers of Music and Worship (and others who faithfully participate in local church worship ministry) from all over the state of Georgia.  The Sons of Jubal Director, Dr. Jon K. Duncan, chose  “A Prayer for the Saints”  as the theme for the group’s annual Rehearsal & Renewal Retreat in early January, 2012.  The men in this amazing choral group will be sharing this anthem in monthly concerts throughout the year, and the piece will be included in the concert repertoire for a trip to Korea (not South!) in a April.  The Sons of Jubal have been invited as a featured group at a large choral festival.  Prayers for this endeavor are greatly appreciated!

Ministers of Music and Worship from all over the state of Georgia, who have heard  “A Prayer for the Saints”  as a result of their involvement in The Sons of Jubal, have ordered this powerful prayer anthem for their choirs.  At our home church, Travis introduced it first as a Vocal Solo.   Our wonderful Adult Choir has also sung the SATB anthem version of   “A Prayer for the Saints,”  and our congregation has shared in this message as a worship hymn.  In the local church environment, many of our members have commented on the lyrics of this Kingdom message.  Our prayer is that this piece could have an impact all over the world, expressing the deepest longings of God’s people everywhere.

Your Choir could begin learning  “A Prayer for the Saints”  at your next rehearsal.  Or, if you do not have a choral group at your church, you can introduce this modern prayer hymn as a Vocal Solo and then use it for congregational worship.  Our Worship Pak contains everything that you will need (reproducible hymnal or bulletin size song sheet, reproducible lead sheet, and Vocal/Piano Score).

To see and hear the music, you can view the Video Demo for  “A Prayer for the Saints”, go to our WorshipSounds Music website.  You’ll find  “A Prayer for the Saints”  on our “Adult Choir”  music page.  Here’s the link to the website:  http://www.worshipsounds.com

ALTERNATE VOICING AVAILABLE!  The TTBB arrangement, as sung by The Sons of Jubal, under the direction of Dr. Jon Duncan, and The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, under the direction of Dr. Randy Lind, is also on our website.

A Full Orchestration is also  available for this anthem!


Post written by C. Boyd


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