Worship Pastor / Composer Travis L. Boyd and his wife, Cynthia, provide inspiration and resources for the worship community and all believers through sharing the blessings of worship, faith, family, ministry, music, love, & life. We also share information about Worship Sounds Music, which can be found on our Worship Sounds website at worshipsounds.com ~ Downloadable Choral Anthems * Solos * Orchestrations * Worship Songs * Accompaniment Trax

Listen to my Music

Travis at Valentine Vows  croppedWelcome, Friends! 

My name is Travis L. Boyd. I am a Minister of Worship, and I have served at churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Georgia for over 30 years. I love to lead God’s people in worship. I’m blessed to have a wonderful family. I have been married to my wife, Cynthia, for 37 years, and we have 7 children. Our daughter is married and lives in Oklahoma, and we have 6 sons ranging in age from 8 to 20. I am also a composer, and my music has been published by Shawnee Press / Hal Leonard, Lorenz Music, Lifeway, Choristers Guild, and Broadman. I also offer music through my Worship Sounds Music website.

On this page, you will find a playlist of my music, which includes Publishers’ Choral Demos, custom Choral recordings, and my own custom recordings of Solo Demos with my Accompaniment Tracks, made for my website, http://worshipsounds.com
The playlist is designed to begin playing automatically; so if you haven’t heard it yet, you will hear the first song begin in a moment.  I write in a variety of styles.  Some songs are in a more lyrical ballad style, while others are syncopated and upbeat.  If you hear one that is not your preferred style, feel free to move on to the next by clicking the title of the next song (or a title that interests you).  Many of the songs have Full Ochestrations available, all work with piano and/or organ, and some have Brass/Rhythm parts.  All of the songs in this playlist also have Performance/Accompaniment trax available from the publisher or from my website.  I hope that you are blessed as you listen.

Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

Click this image to go to our Worship Sounds Music website.

On my Worship Sounds Music website, you will find Choral Anthems, Anthem Orchestrations, Vocal Solos, Congregational Worship Music, and Accompaniment Tracks.
All of my downloadable music is designed for Worship Ministry and is practical, singable, meaningful, Biblically sound, memorable, and very affordable.  Here on our blog, you can find more information about what our website offers by viewing our page called “The Music Available on our Worship Sounds Website”.  You will find a clickable link to that in the center of the bottom line of page names, just above the header photo on our blog (the scenic mountain photo).   This blog page will take a few seconds to load because it contains video demos for each of the Choral Anthems on our website and a music player for the Solo Demos.  We are constantly adding new music, new Choral voicings, new Vocal Solos, Anthem Orchestrations, and Accompaniment Tracks to the website, so it can be difficult to keep this page current.  You may find a few things on the website that have not yet been added to this blog page.

There is full information about most of my published music on two other pages on our blog. Please look for “Our Published Music, Demos, and Info” and “Where to Find Our Published Music” on the last line of page names just above the header photo. All of the information about the music for the Choral demos made by Publishers that you will hear in this playlist is found there.

There are links to my Publishers and to Music Distributors which offer my music in the side bar on the right side of this blog.  Scroll down, and you will find the clickable Publishers’ and Music Distributors’ links near the end of our sidebar.   Just click on the name of the Publisher of Music Distributor whose offerings of my music you’d like to see.  The links will take you directly to the pages that show my music (the titles which are sold through the various sites).

NOTE:  There are blog posts with Song Stories about the writing of several of these songs on our blog.  Check the “Song Stories” category.

Here is the playlist, offering over an hour of music.  If you would like to go directly to my Sound Cloud page for the playlist found befow, you would be able to click the title of any of the individual songs to go to the page for that song and find complete information about it.  Here is the link to the Sound Cloud page containing the same playlist:

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