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New on our Website: “Since I Have Been Redeemed”

Our newest Choral Anthem, “Since I Have Been Redeemed”  is now available in 3 Choral Arrangement options and 3 Vocal Solo options.

Click the photo above to go directly to our WorshipSounds Music website!

Click the photo above to go directly to our WorshipSounds Music website!

As always, our downloadable PDF Master copies are available in your choice of Octavo format or full-page format for each option.  (See the information at the top of our Shopping Cart page to determine which printing format will work best with your copier.)


Our Choral Anthem and Vocal Solo arrangements of “Since I Have Been Redeemed” feature this favorite hymn text by Edwin O. Excell, set to a beautiful new melody!  The SATB and 2-Part anthem arrangements have an optional solo at the beginning, and “Since I Have Been Redeemed” is available in several different formats. 

* The SATB version would be perfect for Adult Choirs and more advanced Sr. Adult Choirs.

* There is a special 2-part version for smaller or less-experienced choirs. 

* There is also a Solo w/ SATB Choir version (solo continues throughout). 

*  Finally, we have added a Vocal Solo sheet music version in 3 different keys on our Solo Music Section (The tan-colored sidebar on our Website’s Home Page).

* “Since I Have Been Redeemed” is easy to learn and a joy to sing!  It is a testimony of thankfulness for salvation in Christ.

An earlier arrangement of “Since I Have Been Redeemed” has been sung and recorded by The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, with Dr. Bill Green as Director of the group.

Following your Choral Music PDF order, the instructions for downloading your PDF Master Copy will be sent to you via e-mail (as soon as your order is processed by PayPal).
* You will be able to download and print your PDF Master and then make an unlimited number of copies for your choir for the low price of $15.00.
* There are no ‘per copy’ fees and no shipping costs!
* Your Choir or Soloist could begin work on “Since I Have Been Redeemed” (or any of our other Choral Anthems and Vocal Solos) at your next rehearsal. 
NOTE:  We have a wide variety of Choral Anthems available on our website, and many have Full Orchestrations available as well.  You’ll find anthems that are appropriate for Adult Choir, Senior Adult Choir, and Student Choirs.  All anthems are priced between $8.00 to $15.00 for the PDF Master Copy, with no per copy fee and permission to make an unlimited number of copies (for your choir and accompanists only).
LINKS  FOR  CHORAL  VERSIONS  OF  “Since I Have Been Redeemed”
SOLO VERSIONS CAN BE PURCHASED ON OUR WEBSITE’S SHOPPING CART PAGE.  Each Vocal Solo PDF Master costs $5.00, with permission to make copies for your soloist and accompanists or rhythm section.  Chord symbols are included on the piano score.
Look for this identifying thumbnail photo on both our Adult Choir Website Page and on our Shopping Cart page to designate all of the products associated with “Since I Have Been Redeemed”

“Since I Have Been Redeemed”

*   In low, medium and high voice Vocal Solos!

*  Plus 3 different Choral arrangements! 

You’ll find them all at  http://www.worshipsounds.com

Purchase Now   $5.00
Purchase Now   $5.00


There’s a BRAND NEW Song on our Website!

SATB or SSAA Choral arrangement, with piano accompaniment and chord symbols
For Adult or Student Church Choirs, Ensembles, and Christian School Choirs!
This beautiful choral anthem, written by Travis L. Boyd, has a message of thankfulness for God’s wonderful creation and celebration of God’s majesty as revealed in His creation.  It utilizes two well-loved hymns, interwoven in a glorious medley.
The hymn text for “All Things Bright and Beautiful” is combined with a gentle and lyrical new melody.
In addition, a portion of the beloved hymn, “This is My Father’s World” is featured, with the familiar tune & text.
The resulting choral arrangement brings refreshing to some of the best loved hymn lyrics of all time!
Your choir and congregation will love “The Father’s Beautiful World”.
Combine your choir’s performance with a media slideshow of wonderful nature photos for even greater impact!
Sensible voice-leading allows choral parts to be learned easily.
Our fast and affordable “you print” method for music delivery means no waiting for your new music, and it’s the best value for your music budget!
Both the SATB Version and the SSAA Version would also work well for ensembles.
“The Father’s Beautiful World”  Choral PDF Master is available on our website’s Adult Choir page in both SATB and SSAA voicing for only $15.00, with  NO “per copy” fee!
(you will have permission to make an unlimited number of copies …for your own choir and accompanists only).
There is also a Vocal Solo Version of this song, available in Low, Medium, and High Voice versions on our website’s Home Page in the red sidebar at left, at a cost of only $5.00 for the PDF Solo Master, with permission to make copies for your solo, accompanists, and rhythm section players.

Link to Video Demo

Look for this identifying thumbnail photo on our Website’s Adult Choir page (where the anthems are listed in alphabetical order)
@ http://www.worshipsounds.com/Adult_Choirs.php

Or, click the image at right to go straight to the video demo.
This post was written by  C. A. Boyd

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