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Blessings through worshipping together

The "Foundations" Worship Concert

Over 700 musicians presented a glorious worship concert, which was recorded on a DVD and CD, both entitled “Foundations.”


Through the years, our lives have been blessed and enriched through the experience of worshipping together with other believers.  As we all focus on our loving God and Savior, our hearts are united in praise.  Many of these experiences have been in our local church congregations, while still others have been at camps or retreats, special worship concerts, prayer meetings in homes, or even in choir rehearsals.  It has been especially meaningful to Travis when his music has been a part of these times of worship, whether in large settings or in the home of a friend and brother in Christ.  Many of our closest relationships have been with fellow worshippers who have servant hearts and long to use their gifts to glorify the Lord through music, often in choral groups.   These incredible times of worship and fellowship are only a faint shadow of the rejoicing and praise that will take place in eternity.  Many times, we’ve imagined all of these choirs and congregations…and so many more…gathered around the throne of God in worship.   We’re very thankful that God has called Travis into His ministry and has allowed him to write songs that have been used by these choirs (and so many others that we’ll never know about this side of heaven) to worship and praise the Lord.

In this photograph (courtesy of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma), The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma, and The Oklahoma Baptist Symphony are in concert at the First Baptist Church of Moore, Oklahoma.   Choir members from both choral groups not only filled the choir loft but also two sections of pews, one on either side of the platform, and the steps to the balcony on both sides of the choir loft.  A Concert DVD and CD were recorded live at this incredible worship concert, and Travis’ SATB choral anthem, “Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!”  (published by the Lorenz Corporation, Monarch Division, 10 3228M) was a part of both the worship concert and the recordings.   What an incredible day this was, as over 700 musicians from all over the State of Oklahoma worshipped together all through rehearsals and on through the concert that evening.   Soli Deo Gloria!

Here is the Sound Cloud audio of the recording of “Amazing Grace! Eternal Life!” made by The Singing Churchmen and Churchwomen of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Baptist Symphony.
What a blessing these groups have been in our lives and in the lives of countless others around the world.  All glory and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who, through His amazing grace, made it possible for us to have eternal life.

to the Lorenz studio demo recording
of  “Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!”
(with the complete orchestration as accompaniment)


by going to the Lorenz information page for “Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!”  using the link below.
Once on the information page, click the listening icon,
immediately minimize the media player for the demo, and then click on the Adobe sample page link.

There is a Song Story about the writing of this anthem, found on our blog at:  https://worshipsounds.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/song-story-amazing-grace-eternal-life/ 

“Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!”  is a majestic anthem of testimony, steadily building in intensity to the victorious ending.   The words to the bridge come directly from scripture, John 3:16 & 17.

Here are the lyrics to “Amazing Grace, Eternal Life!”

“There is a Love sent down to man,
A rugged cross, a spotless Lamb,
A life laid down, a sacrifice,
Amazing grace, eternal life!

There is a hope beyond the grave
With love so deep and power to save,
Rising above all earthly strife,
Amazing grace, eternal life!

There is a peace that all can know.
It calms the heart and heals the soul.
“Come Unto Me,”  the Savior cries!
Amazing grace, eternal life!

God so loved the world that He gave His Son
For us to believe in Him.
For the Son was not sent to condemn the world,
But to save us from our sin!

There is a home prepared for all
Who on the name of Jesus call.
A place of rest, a throne on high…
Amazing grace, eternal life!

A place of rest, a throne on high…amazing grace!  Eternal life!
Amazing grace!”


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