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Our WorshipSounds Video Demos Are Now on YouTube!

Click the photo above to go directly to our WorshipSounds Music website!

Click the photo above to go directly to our WorshipSounds Music website!

In order to make it easier for those who are interested in our music to find and view our WorshipSounds Music Video Demos, we have uploaded all of them to YouTube.

The Video Demos have been placed in categorized playlists. 

 > The advantage of having the Video Demos in playlists is that a viewer can watch all of the videos in a playlist if desired or choose from the other videos in the playlist menu to see the next video of his or her choice.
> When you go to the playlist, the menu appears as a scroll-able list of video options (to the right of the Video Demo that you are viewing).
> It is best to change the Video Demo setting to FullScreen as you are viewing a video so that you can see lyrics and voice leading more clearly.
> To continue to access the menu of playlist choices, click the small frame option at the end of each Video Demo, and then return to Fullscreen Mode after the video that you have chosen begins to play.

*  All of our Choral Video demos have been edited and  prepared with complete information about the song and arrangement, including links to our website for purchase.

Here are the categorized Video Demo Playlists and their URLs:

A.  Mixed Choir Choral Music Video Demos

There are thirty one (31) SAB, SATB, and SSATB Choral Anthems in this playlist.

Some of the anthems are available in multiple Mixed Choir arrangements, so you will see the same title appear more than once.  However, when you view the Video Demos, the entire title of each is visible, specifying which arrangement you are viewing.  (For example, “Since I Have Been Redeemed” has 3 Mixed Choir arrangments:  2 – Part, SATB, and SATB with Solo Throughout.)

The Mixed Choir Video Demo Playlist can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkhSz9gJgiM&list=PLMJind8w21aQ26cyw7AKYC2xHGis9ZEG9

B.  Christmas Choral Music Video Demos

There are three (3) Christmas Choral Video Demos in this playlist.  All are arranged for SATB Choir.

The Christmas Choral Video Demo Playlist can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzE7uIXZ7xo&list=PLMJind8w21aTl5dK9YUmElwusw2Cioadl

C.  Choral Anthems for Women’s Choir (SSAA)

There are four (4) Video Demos in this playlist.

The Videos Demos for Women’s Choir can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izJQLUwJQ18&list=PLMJind8w21aQSAmFoAFFmzinodcHqFILg

D.  Choral Anthems for Men’s Choir (TTBB)

There are two (2) Video Demos in this playlist.

The Video Demos for Men’s Choir can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6K8oJ70pVI&list=PLMJind8w21aTIpu-JHPG8G32FNd1UiBOL

E.  Inspiring Secular Choral Anthem

There is one (1) Video Demo in this playlist.

Our inspiring secular choral anthem, “Music”, can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXuocDU_wCM&list=PLMJind8w21aRn2Nh6hRQ2k7siuyD2O738

F.  Vocal Solo Video Demos

Note:  Travis has recently made additional keys available for Vocal Soloists.  All of our Vocal Solos are available in 3 keys for Low, Medium and High Voice, with the exception of “, which is available in only two keys.  For those of you who are interested in our Vocal Solo Demos, please be patient with us as we work on all of the recently added videos.  We are still in the process of editing some of our Vocal Solo Video Demos, so there is an edited playlist and an unedited playlist of the Solos.  The Video Demo playlists and their URLs are as follows:

Vocal Solo Video Demos (edited)

There are six (6) video demos in this playlist.

The edited Vocal Solo Video Demo playlist can be viewed at:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzUExX3t2Rg&list=PLMJind8w21aTLmiWDbQJt2Fgbhx7gSR0d

2.  Unedited Vocal Solos

This playlist contains sixteen (16) videos.  Most of these videos have no information added below the video.  Only the titles have been edited for most of these.  As they are edited, they will be removed from this playlist and placed in the “Vocal Solo Video Demos” playlist.

The Unedited Vocal Solos playlist can be viewed at:   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMJind8w21aQGueRjVdkCihaZdGXd4IXQ

G.  If you wish to view all of the options available on our YouTube Channel, here is the Travis L. Boyd (WorshipSounds) Channel URL:


Song story for “Jesus, My Redeemer”

“Jesus, My Redeemer” is an SATB choral anthem written by Travis L. Boyd and published by Shawnee Press (Hal Leonard).  It will always be one of my favorites of all of the choral anthems that Travis has written.  I can take credit only for loving the hymn, “Be Thou My Vision,” from which the tune for this anthem was taken.  I love both the original hymn tune and the traditional lyrics, but the “Jesus, My Redeemer”  lyrics and Travis’ accompaniment and choral arrangement are so meaningful and beautiful to me that I am more than willing to expand my love for the old hymn and include this new version.  Some readers may not be acquainted with the original hymn, so this song story will include some information about “Be Thou My Vision”  as well as the tale of how it inspired Travis to write “Jesus, My Redeemer.”

Here’s the story of “Be Thou My Vision,” as written by Sarah McCabe on suite101.com  (see the article URL at the end of this post):

“”Be Thou My Vision” is a Christian hymn written by  an Irish poet, and put to the tune of an old Irish folk song.  It has deep roots in the history  of Ireland.  St. Patrick played a major role in its inspiration, as did a pagan  king and a forbidden fire.  In 433 AD St. Patrick came to  the Hill  of Slane in County Meath. It was the night before Easter, as well as the beginning of  the Spring Equinox. High King Leoghaire (pronounced “Leary”) mac Neill had  issued a decree that no  fires were to be lit until the lighting of the blaze atop nearby Tara Hill  that would usher in the Spring Equinox.  The first fire, however, was not that of King Leoghaire. Rather, it was a  flame lit by St. Patrick to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  Instead of executing him, King Leoghaire was so impressed by St. Patrick’s  courage that he allowed him to continue with his missionary work throughout  Ireland.
Considered Ireland’s chief poet during his time, Dallan Forgaill, who was  killed by pirates in 598, was known as a studious and scholarly man. It was said  that he spent so much time reading, writing, and studying that he became  blind.  Inspired by the events on the Hill of Slane about 100 years earlier, Dallan  Forgaill wrote the original words to “Be Thou My Vision” in old Irish, as a poem  entitled ” Rop tu mo baile.”  The poem was not translated into English until 1905 when Mary E. Byrne  (1880-1931) wrote a literal  translation of the words in English prose. The words were made into verse  and published by Eleanor H. Hull (1860-1935) in her 1913 work entitled Poem Book of the Gael.

The tune to “Be Thou My Vision” is called SLANE, an old Irish folk melody,  named for the Hill of Slane. Though centuries old, the melody was first  published by Patrick W. Joyce (1827-1914) in his 1909 collection, Old  Irish Folk Music and Songs, under the title “By the Banks of the  Bann.”  The melody was first coupled with Hull’s versified words to “Be Thou My  Vision” in 1919 by Leopold Dix (1861-1935) in the Irish Church  Hymnal.

Inspired by an event that helped change the spiritual climate of Ireland,  penned by a renowned Irish poet, and paired with the tune of an old Irish folk  song, “Be Thou My Vision” stands as a link between Ireland and its Christian  heritage. It is a tribute to a significant event in Ireland’s history and a reminder of the sovereignty, strength, and joy of Jesus.”


“Jesus, my Redeemer, You died in my place… brought me salvation through Your matchless grace.”

Travis began to look at the hymn, “Be Thou My Vision” with the initial goal of doing a choral arrangement of the hymn with the well-known lyrics.  However, as he began to work with the hymn, he was inspired to write a new text with a different type of lyrical content.  The original lyrics are a prayer asking for the continued nearness of God’s presence to the heart of the believer and for the clarity of vision that comes with knowing Him through His word and through revelation.  The new lyrics for “Jesus, My Redeemer” are a text of testimony.   The believer thanks God for sending Jesus, for His power to save, and for his certain return and the eventual home in Heaven.  Both sets of lyrics have something very important to say, and both texts end with a final verse that talks about Heaven.

Travis’ SATB choral anthem, “Jesus, My Redeemer” was published by Shawnee Press (now with Hal Leonard) and is available through Hal Leonard at this link:  http://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.do?itemid=35011508&lid=0&keywords=Travisboyd&subsiteid=1&

“Jesus, My Redeemer” is available from J. W. Pepper, where the entire publisher’s studio demo recording of “Jesus, My Redeemer” can be heard at this link:  http://www.jwpepper.com/8036907.item

It is also available from Sheet Music Plus at http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Jesus-My-Redeemer/3734672

The publisher’s description of this anthem reads:
“Traditional Irish hymn, Be Thou My Vision; flowing accompaniment; easily learned – This anthem utilizes an original text set to the familiar Irish air commonly known as Be Thou My Vision. The accompaniment features a flowing motif, which recurs throughout the piece and is sure to appeal to your pianist. Jesus, My Redeemer contains wonderful harmonies that emphasize a rich text, thanking and praising the Savior for our redemption and grace. ”

“Forever we’ll sing…Amen!”


Here’s the audio for the Publisher’s Studio Demo from our Sound Cloud recording of “Jesus, My Redeemer.”  (see lyrics below!)


The lyrics of  “Jesus, My Redeemer”, as written for the Slane hymn tune by Travis L. Boyd

Jesus, my Redeemer, My Savior and friend,
Author and giver of life without end,
Alpha, Omega, the Great I Am, Lion of Judah,
God’s meekly, lowly Lamb.

Jesus, my Redeemer, You died in my place,
Brought me salvation through your matchless grace
Your sacrifice came at such a great cost…
Bloodshed and agony on Calvary’s cross.

Such power to save!

Such power to save!

Jesus, my Redeemer, Such power to save!
On the third day, You arose from the grave,
Sealing my pardon and setting me free,
Building a mansion in Heaven for me.

Jesus, my Redeemer, Returning some day!
All Your creation will bow down and say,
“You are Messiah!  Our Savior!  Our King!
Lord God Almighty, forever we’ll sing!” Amen!


The lyrics to “Be Thou My Vision”  as written by Irish poet Dallan Forgaill,
translated in 1905 by Mary E. Byrne, and converted from English prose to verse by Eleanor H. Hull:

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best thought, by day or by night,
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light.

Be Thou my wisdom, and Thou my true word;
I ever with Thee, and Thou with me, Lord;
Thou my great Father, I Thy true son;
Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one.

Be Thou my battle shield, sword for my fight,
Be Thou my dignity, Thou my delight.
Thou my soul’s shelter, Thou my high tower.
Raise Thou me heavenward, O Power of my power.

Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise;
Thou mine inheritance now and always:
Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of heaven, my treasure Thou art.

High King of heaven, my victory won,
May I reach heaven’s joys, O bright heaven’s Son!
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
Still be my vision, O Ruler of all.


This post was written by Cynthia A. Boyd  (with the exception of the excerpt from the article mentioned below).


green celtic crossHere’s a link to the article “Be Thou My Vision:  The History of a Christian Hymn”
(which was edited by the author of this post and included in the article as informational background):



Youtube video of  “Be Thou My Vision”  (with lyrics), by Robin Mark from “The Mandate”

There are many other videos of “Be Thou My Vision” on Youtube by such artists as 4Him, Selah, Allison Kraus, Eden’s Bridge, the Irish Tenors, and the Azuza Pacific University Men’s Chorale.


The Old Irish poem from which the lyrics of the hymn, “Be Thou My Vision”, were translated:

Rop tú mo baile, a Choimdiu cride: ní ní nech aile acht Rí secht nime.
Rop tú mo scrútain i l-ló ‘s i n-aidche; rop tú ad-chëar im chotlud caidche.
Rop tú mo labra, rop tú mo thuicsiu; rop tussu dam-sa, rob misse duit-siu.
Rop tussu m’athair, rob mé do mac-su; rop tussu lem-sa, rob misse lat-su.
Rop tú mo chathscíath, rop tú mo chlaideb; rop tussu m’ordan, rop tussu m’airer.
Rop tú mo dítiu, rop tú mo daingen; rop tú nom-thocba i n-áentaid n-aingel.
Rop tú cech maithius dom churp, dom anmain; rop tú mo flaithius i n-nim ‘s i talmain.
Rop tussu t’ áenur sainserc mo chride; ní rop nech aile acht Airdrí nime.
Co talla forum, ré n-dul it láma, mo chuit, mo chotlud, ar méit do gráda.
Rop tussu t’ áenur m’ urrann úais amra: ní chuinngim daíne ná maíne marba.
Rop amlaid dínsiur cech sel, cech sáegul, mar marb oc brénad, ar t’ fégad t’ áenur.
Do serc im anmain, do grád im chride, tabair dam amlaid, a Rí secht nime.
Tabair dam amlaid, a Rí secht nime, do serc im anmain, do grád im chride.
Go Ríg na n-uile rís íar m-búaid léire; ro béo i flaith nime i n-gile gréine A Athair inmain,
cluinte mo núall-sa: mithig (mo-núarán!) lasin trúagán trúag-sa.
A Chríst mo chride, cip ed dom-aire, a Flaith na n-uile, rop tú mo baile.

(Wouldn’t the original author be amazed to know that these words still live and inspire the hearts of millions of believers!)



Here’s a link to our  “Song Stories”  category to see all of the song story posts:


Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

More Music by Travis L. Boyd

Many more Choral Anthems written by Travis L. Boyd can be found on our Worship Sounds Music website.  Our Choral Anthems are written to be practical for use in local church ministry and in Christian schools and Universities.  You will find that our music is worshipful, memorable, and very affordable.  We also have Anthem Orchestrations, Accompaniment Tracks, Vocal Solos, and Congregational Worship music.


Looking for answers for yourself or for a friend?

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading the contents of this page.  We hope that it has been helpful to you.   If you or someone that you know is looking for answers about life, we hope that you will visit our page called “Do You Know Jesus?”.   The links provided on this page will help to answer life’s deepest questions.   Here is the link to “Do You Know Jesus?”:  http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/do-you-know-jesus/

Please feel free to share this URL with anyone who is looking for answers about life and eternity.


Song Story…”Much More Than a Song”

Wherever you go, God is already there.

“Much More Than a Song” was written as a result of a time of uncertainty and re-examination of priorities and truths in Travis’ life.  This time period began with the desire to sing a song and continues with the desire to bring God glory through all of life.  Several years ago, Travis was working on a powerful song that he planned to share as a solo at some point in the future.  The song was quite wordy and vocally demanding.  As Travis was singing the song over and over, trying to memorize all of those lyrics, he began to experience some vocal problems.  It was not unusual for him to have some allergy related congestion that affected his voice a couple of times every year, but this problem was obviously more serious than that.  Although he was not experiencing any allergy problems at that time, his voice was greatly affected, and he had significant pain when he tried to sing.  After the problem persisted and worsened, Travis did go to the doctor and to see a specialist about his voice.  He learned that all of his demanding vocal rehearsing had caused some damage to the vocal mechanism and created some strain and inflammation.  He was going to have to rest his voice and allow the damage to heal.  This was very difficult news for a Minister of Music and Worship.  He had no idea how long it would take for healing to occur or even whether the healing would be complete.  In other words, he didn’t know whether his voice would ever be fully restored.  Would it be as strong as before?  Would he still have the same vocal range?  Would there be any changes to his vocal tone or breaks in his range?  All of these were unanswered questions.

Travis prayed and waited and rested his voice, hoping to regain the full use of his voice but realizing that there was a possibility that he might not be able to sing in the same way that he had before this problem occured.  As in any season of uncertainty and waiting on the Lord,  Travis had an opportunity to re-examine his priorities and his own philosophy of living a life that glorifies the Lord.  He knew that leading God’s people in worship through music was not the only way that God could use his life.  Even though his passion for leading worship remained strong, Travis came to the point where he was willing to do whatever the Lord would have him do.  He was very aware that he could still live a life of seeking to bring glory to God, no matter what happened with his voice.   God gave Travis a song to express what He had been teaching Travis through the experience of losing what had formerly been one of Travis’ most important ministry tools.   That song was “Much More Than a Song”.

Through this experience, God gave the blessing of a song; but the lessons of the spirit that Travis gained were even more valuable.   It’s hard to put them all into words, but I will try:

Worship is more than a song.

Worship is more than any particular form of expression.

Worship is more than giving your best to God.  It’s being willing to give up your best and still give what you have left to God.

Worship is a passionate pursuit of God’s glory.

Worship may be expressed through what we do, but the act of worship never consists of any outward expression.  True worship always exists in the desire of the heart to bring Glory to God.

If I have ever truly worshipped God before a loss or a change in my life, I cannot allow such a change to alter my heart.

“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples! For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised…” Psalm 96:3 &4a


Worship is a 24/7 attitude of the heart, a recognition of God’s supremacy and majesty that results in a constant desire to bring Him glory through my life.

Worship is much more than a song!


“Much More Than a Song”  words and music by Travis L. Boyd, copyright WorshipSounds Music  is available on our website as a vocal solo or as an SATB choral anthem.  There is also a full orchestration available, which can be used to accompany either a choir or a soloist.  You’ll find the solo version on our home page and the choral version on our Adult Choir music page, where you can click on our unique video demo link to see and hear the music simultaneously at

“Much More Than a Song” has been included in the repertoire of The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, then under the direction of Dr. Bill Green.

“Much More Than a Song” has been part of the repertoire of the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Jubalheirs, under the direction of Dr. Jon Duncan (a large choral group consisting of women who are active in music ministry from all over the state of Georgia).
The Jubalheirs also recorded “Much More Than a Song” on their CD entitled “New Every Morning.”  For more information about this group and their ministry, see our post entitled, “Blessings Through Choosing to Praise God.”  https://worshipsounds.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/blessings-through-choosing-to-praise/


Here’s my Sound Cloud recording of the Medium Voice Vocal Solo
(available on our website’s Home Page in the left sidebar)

The sheet music PDF (with chord symbols) can be purchased for $5.00, with permission to make as many copies as needed for your Soloist and Accompanists or Rhythm Section.
The Accompaniment Track is sent as an Mp3 download and includes the PDF for a full page lead sheet to assist you in learning the song.  The cost for the Mp3 and lead sheet is $10.00.


Here’s our  WorshipSounds Video Demo of the Medium Voice Solo
(Accompaniment Track + Demo)



This post was written by C. Boyd


Do you know Jesus?

The decision to ask Jesus to come into your heart and life as your Lord and Savior is the best decision you could ever make!  The one true God is ready to give you forgiveness and eternal life as soon as you understand your need for Him and believe on the name of His only Son, Jesus, for your salvation.  Here’s a blog page link to help you find the answers to your questions about Jesus.  http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/do-you-know-jesus/



Link to our  “Song Stories”  category to see all of the song story posts:  https://worshipsounds.wordpress.com/category/song-stories/


Song Story…”God is Faithful”

One of Travis’ best loved choral anthems is “God is Faithful.”   This song will always be very special to us as well.  “God is Faithful” has been recorded as the title song on CDs by both The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma (then under the direction of Dr. Bill Green) and the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Sons of Jubal (Dr. Jon Duncan, Director).  It has also been recorded as a solo on individual CD projects and sung all over the world by church choirs, by the choral groups already mentioned, and also by The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma.  In addition, the women’s choirs who sang in Australia while their Singing Churchmen friends and spouses were there for a mission trip in 2003 sang “God is Faithful” in all the churches where they ministered in the Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane areas (see a story about “God is Faithful” in Australia near the end of this post).  Dozens of individuals have taken the time to express to Travis how much the message of “God is Faithful” has meant in their lives; but before the song was heard by anyone else or was published by Lorenz Music, it was a tender message from our loving God to encourage the hearts of Travis and Cindy Boyd.

Note:  Scroll down to the end of this post if you are looking for product information about the Song, Choral Anthem, Accompaniment/Performance Track, or Anthem Orchestration, which are available through the publisher, Lorenz, as well as other music distributors.  (Click the distributor links in our blog’s side bar to see what Travis L. Boyd products they offer.)

God’s promise

A lot of things were going on in our family and in our lives at the time that “God is Faithful” was written.  God had called us to a new place of service.  Our daughter was in high school, and our son was still in pre-school; and yet we left behind all 4 grandparents to move to the Church in Eastern Oklahoma which had just called Travis as their Minister of Worship.   We had moved from one side of the state of Oklahoma to the other and three and a half hours away from our parents.  It had been difficult to leave the only full-time church Travis had ever served where we were geographically very near our extended family, but that’s not the only reason the move was challenging.  We were concerned about how our daughter would adjust to the move, we were leaving behind many very close friends whom we still love and miss, and we were leaving a community that had always been very special to us.  It was the town where I grew up from third grade on, the town where I graduated from high school, the community where Travis and I had both gone to college, where we had met and married; and we’d both graduated from the University there.   Our roots were deep in the community, and we knew and loved so many people there.  We also loved our Church and our church family, and it was the church that Travis had longed to serve for many years before being called as their Minister of Music and Worship.  The Pastor of the Church we were leaving had not been there very long, and Travis had enjoyed serving with him and with all of the other staff members and support staff at the Church.

Of course, every time that God has called Travis to a new place of service, we have always felt a mixture of emotions.  Facing the task of leaving a Church and people that we loved, moving to a new place, and dealing with the unknown was always challenging, heart-breaking, exciting, both joyful for the new opportunity and sad to be moving on, and even a little scary.  Intellectually and spiritually, we’ve always known that God would be with us wherever we were.  Hovever, sometimes through the years, we’ve had to remind ourselves of this comforting truth.  Following the heart-felt welcomes and the initial settling in process in the new home, community and Church, real life adjustments still need to be made after any move.  As I’ve voiced to Travis in such times, it sometimes feels as though “we are so far away from everyone who really loves us”.   Again, we do know that God’s presence is with us; but as human beings we still long for the joy of familiarity and the comfort of being known.  Newness certainly doesn’t mean that we are loved any less, even by the ‘new’ church family.  It sometimes just feels that way because we are human.  [May God continually remind us what it feels like to long for home, to deal with uncertainty, and to step out on faith even when it’s heart-breaking or difficult to move on.  He longs for us to have compassion for the people all around us, people who struggle with change and difficulty and loneliness.   We can express His love and grace through a smile, a kind word, an act of compassion, and a warm welcome.]

In addition to the monumental changes that a major move brings, Travis and I were dealing with other issues that were of great concern around this time period.  The house we were leaving behind and trying to sell in western Oklahoma was the third house that Travis and I had owned in our 21 years of marriage.  Up to that point, it seemed that the timing had always been wrong for us to come out well on the sale of a home.  The first home that we bought was in Texas.  At the time when God called us to a new place of service a few years later, our Texas builder was adding an entirely new section of homes to our neighborhood.  The new streets had sidewalks.  There was a community playground in the new part of the neighborhood.  Furthermore, the new homes were selling for about the same price we had hoped to get for our home.  Of course, we had to come way down on our price in order to sell, and still the home languished on the market for months as the new homes were marketed and sold by developers.  By God’s grace, we did manage to hang on, but we did not come out well on the sale of the home.  When Travis was called to a new place of service the next time, we had to sell our second purchased home in central Oklahoma.  We hoped to come out better because we had added more livable square footage to the home by completing an unfinished bonus room over the garage.  However, just as we were preparing to make the move, the United States Government released their list of military bases that were in danger of being closed.  The nearby military base was on the list.  Eventually, the government revealed that the local base would not be closed.  It was removed from the base closings list and is still a functioning Air Force base today, but its future was in doubt during the entire time that our home was on the market.  As a result of the uncertainty and the possibility of losing the base, real estate values plummeted in our community and other nearby suburbs.  Again, we were forced to take less that we should have been able to get for our home.   A few months later, when the local base was removed from the list of potential closures, real estate values recovered; but the rebound was too late for us.

Now, during the time period surrounding the writing of “God is Faithful”, we needed to sell our third house, in western Oklahoma; and, once again, the circumstances were not great.  When we had moved into the community, we had rented a 3 bedroom duplex, where we planned to stay until we sold our central Oklahoma home and found a home we wanted to purchase.  A few months later, our landlady contacted us and told us that one of her family members had a life crisis and needed the duplex.  She was giving us a month’s notice and wanted us to move out.  We began looking at everything that was available.  Our central Oklahoma home had sold by then, but the lower price due to the uncertainty of the base closing list had drastically limited our options.  In addition, the Western Oklahoma community to which we’d just moved was experiencing a major housing shortage at that time.  It was a big enough deal to be featured in articles in the Daily Oklahoman (state newpaper) and even in video on Oklahoma City’s statewide broadcast of the evening news.  The Mayor of the community was featured in one report.  He had sold his home and could not find another to buy, so he was living in a local hotel.  The options were so limited that our family of four was very close to having to move into a hotel as well, with a 13 year old daughter and a 4 month old son.  We looked at everything that was available, which wasn’t much.

In the end, the only option we had (other than living in a hotel) was a 3 bedroom home where the single car garage had been turned into a small room (a very poorly done renovation).  The only things we liked about the house were that it was a roof over our heads and that our daughter and son each had their own bedroom.  Everything else was dismal.  We moved in just after Thanksgiving.  It was our first Christmas at the new, western Oklahoma Church, we had an event to go to every night from December 1st to December 22nd, and our lives were in total turmoil.  We had worked on cleaning the house for a week as we prepared to move in, while my parents took care of our children.  The whole house reeked of cat urine.  Walls and doors, and even cabinets (inside and out) were splattered with what looked like dried plum jam, but we never did figure out what the splatter really was.  We scrubbed and scrubbed.  I had to give up nursing our 4 month old son because we were cleaning on the house from morning until bedtime that whole week, and it was too filthy to bring the children into.  I scraped the bathroom floors with a razor blade to get all of the crud off, and every surface in the house was just that filthy.  We rented a machine and cleaned the carpets…twice.  They still reeked.  Travis was fixing things that were broken as well as cleaning.  It was a mess.  After we’d moved in, about 3 days went by before the sinks began to back up and toilets began to overflow.  We had plumbers out to the house 6 times the first month and a half that we lived there (all during the Christmas season!).   They even brought in “the big machine” to unclog our pipes, but the plumbing problems weren’t completely solved until we finally replaced the toilets in both the full bath and the half bath.  In all the 3 years that we lived in that house, we were constantly having to fix and replace things (exterior siding, the furnace and air conditioning units, storm doors, dishwasher, water heater, disposal, etc.).  The list went on and on.  We had to take a second mortgage to pay for all the needed fix ups; and later on, we had to take out a third loan for the new heat and air units.  So, by the time we made this move to Eastern Oklahoma, we had been through the wringer financially.  We’d even had to come up with an I.O.U. idea for Christmas for our daughter, which we called a “Santa coupon”, and that’s what she got 3 Christmases out of the 4 that we spent in that home (1993 – ’96).  We were now going to have to try to get enough out of that house to pay all 3 loans off; and after several months without a sale, even though the house was described by our realtor as “immaculate”, it was becoming apparent that we were going to take a big hit on this house as well.  Travis was really concerned.  God had worked a miracle to get us into a brand new home in Eastern Oklahoma, so we did have a wonderful break from the constant home fix ups for a while, but we didn’t know if we could keep handling the payments on the new home if we had to keep paying on loans from our western Oklahoma house even after it sold.  The months dragged on, and the house didn’t sell until October after we’d moved in January.  At one point, church members from our new Church helped by making part of the payment on the Western Oklahoma house for about 4 months; so we were very thankful that basic needs were met (but still barely surviving).  It was during this time period of adjustment, uncertainty, and financial hardship that God gave Travis the message of “God is Faithful”.

“God is Faithful” was one of those songs that just seemed to be born in a moment of inspiration.  Travis says that the whole song seemed to come to him at once and calls it “very much a God thing,”  meaning that God gave the song.  It was a message that we needed desperately at the time that God gave the song through Travis; and it was a message that we would need even more over the next few years, as we dealt with many events such as the loss of both of our fathers and of our own unborn child, some of our daughter’s struggles, and other things.  Some of the words would come to life even more vividly as we experienced different circumstances in our lives through the years.  In some ways, it has seemed to us that the message of “God is Faithful” has been to us both a message for a particular time and a message for all the times to come.   There were things ahead of us that we didn’t know about, but God knew.  He was re-assuring us with the message of His faithfulness, even before we knew how much greater our need for that encouragement would become at times.  But, even though the song has been very personal for us, it has touched many other lives.  Travis feels that he was just the vehicle that God used to share the message of His faithfulness with those who have been blessed by “God is Faithful.”

Dr. Bill Green, who was then the Director of both The Singing Churchmen and The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma, was one of the first people to hear “God is Faithful.”  Travis played it for him during a summer time meeting in Oklahoma City.  Brother Bill wanted to use the anthem with both choral groups, so Travis was asked to create an SSAA arrangement and a TTBB arrangement.  He also did an orchestration for the Churchmen’s instrumental ensemble.  “God is Faithful” was in the repertoire of both groups for several years.  During that time period, Brother Bill also sent the anthem to Mary McDonald at Lorenz Music.  Mary loved it, and it became Travis’ 4th choral anthem published by Lorenz (the first of his Lorenz anthems published by their Monarch Division, with others to follow).  The SATB anthem is still available through Lorenz  (See links below), as is the orchestration and the performance/accompaniment CD.  Although many churches probably still have and use the published octavos, there are other churches that use Travis’ self-copyrighted copies from before the anthem was published.  So many of the Ministers of Worship in the Churchmen wanted to use “God is Faithful” with their choirs that Travis did quite a bit of self-publishing before the song was accepted for publication.

Whatever methods God has used to expand the reach of “God is Faithful”, Travis and I are just thankful that the message of this song has meant as much to others as it has meant for us.  The most important truth to which  we can cling in difficult times is that God is faithful!  Circumstances don’t always work out as we had hoped, but God’s faithfulness is always there.  In fact, we did have to continue to pay on the heating and air conditioner loan for over 2 years after selling our western Oklahoma home.  Somehow, God provided.  The publication of “God is Faithful” and other songs even became part of that provision for our needs.

In 2012, we still have 6 boys at home, five of whom are currently in Elementary School.  As a result of circumstances in the past 4 years, we have started over again as far as acquiring equity in a home.  Our most recent home sale, after we’d moved to Georgia, took over a year and was completed in 2009 during the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The home in eastern Oklahoma, where we’d lived for 12 years, updating and adding a room addition, sold for far less than it would have before the recession began.  We could choose to dwell on the losses that we have sustained, but there is no point in that.  We know that in each situation, what appears to be bad timing was really God’s timing.  He has called Travis to each new place of service very clearly, and He has been faithful to meet our basic needs in spite of economic conditions and other external factors.  God’s faithfulness is not thwarted by the ups and downs of the stock market or housing values.  His faithfulness is not limited to the specific circumstances that surrounded the writing of this song or any song.  Just as God is eternal, His faithfulness is eternal; and it continues as He continues.  God is a keeper of promises, and He is faithful!

So, remember…

“When you find it hard to understand
And you’re just not sure you have the strength
To do all God commands…
When the task seems overwhelming,
You can rest within His hands.
For the One who called you is faithful!

God is faithful.
He will not forget His own.
God is faithful.
He’ll never leave you all alone.
He’s right beside you,
Waiting to guide you,
For the one who called you is faithful.
God is faithful!

He is always there when human eyes can’t see…
So aware of all your hurts and all your deepest needs!

God is faithful!  He will not forget His own.
My God is faithful!
He’ll never leave you all alone.
He’s right beside you,
Waiting to guide you,
For the One who called you is faithful.
God is faithful!”

Lyrics to “God is Faithful”  by Travis L. Boyd, SATB Choral anthem and Orchestration, Copyright 2003, Lorenz Publishing Company, a division of the Lorenz Corporation

Self-published copies of the SSAA, TTBB, and SATB octavos and the Orchestration that pre-date the Lorenz publications, Copyright Travis L. Boyd


FROM  LORENZ  MUSIC:  “God is Faithful”…SATB Choral Anthem with solo throughout

A  full orchestration is available for this piece, as heard in the studio demo.

performance/accompaniment CD  is also available, and it features the orchestration as heard in the publisher’s studio demo.

Here is my Sound Cloud audio of the Lorenz Studio Demo Recording for “God is Faithful”.

*  Lorenz product page for “God is Faithful” :  http://www.lorenz.com/product.aspx?id=10_2978M

Here, you will be able to click the listening link (music notes) and then immediately click the sample pages link (Adobe icon) to allow you to listen to the professional studio demo recording of the anthem while you view the music.

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Note:  See our blog post entitled  “Blessings Through God’s Faithfulness”  for more information about the story of this song & recordings by both The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma and The Sons of Jubal.  https://worshipsounds.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/blessings-through-gods-faithfulness/

*  Vimeo Performance Video link:  (TTBB arrangement, recorded at a Sons of Jubal concert in September, 2010)  http://vimeo.com/15390308


Post written by Cynthia A. Boyd



Here is a testimony of a specific circumstance in which God used the message of His faithfulness through “God is Faithful” to bless and encourage.  In 2003, over 300 people went to Australia for an incredible mission trip.  The main performing group was The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma.  The group gave concerts in serveral large and well-known venues, such as the Sydney Opera House, and then split into smaller groups to minister in local churches.  Over 90 of the people on this trip were the wives of the Churchmen; and for the first time ever on a Churchmen mission trip, there were enough of us to form 2 women’s choirs, which ministered in Churches and even in a pineapple canning factory during our time in Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane.

Annerley Baptist Church near BrisbaneThe women’s choir that I was in, directed by Singing Churchmen member Tyrone Smith, sang at Annerley Baptist Church, near Brisbane, on Sunday morning, May 11th, 2003, which was Australia’s Mother’s Day.  Although the Singing Churchmen were no longer singing “God is Faithful”, the two womens’ choirs were singing an SSAA arrangement of the song.  I had been asked to sing the solo on “God is Faithful,” and I had done so during the Worship Service that day.

Our womens' choir rehearses with director Tyrone Smith prior to the service (minus a few members who were taking pictures of the group)

Our womens’ choir rehearses at Annerley with director Tyrone Smith prior to the service (minus a few members who were taking pictures of the group)

Later on, during the fellowship meal after the service, a woman approached me.  She told me that her name was Noela (pronounced Nola), and that she was not a member of Annerley Baptist Church and did not live in Brisbane.  She said that she was only at the church that morning because it was Mother’s Day.  She and her husband had driven from their home 2 and a half hours away to be there with his Mother.  Noela confessed that she almost did not make the trip to visit her Mother-In-Law.  She explained that she had been fighting cancer and that she was feeling discouraged.

A lovely lady with a beautiful smile, Noela spoke with a radiant faith as she said, "I believe that I am here today by Divine appointment."

A lovely lady with a beautiful smile, Noela spoke with a radiant faith as she said, “I believe that I am here today by Divine appointment.”

However, she did feel an urging from the Spirit of God to come to Brisbane; and, with her husband’s encouragement, she made the trip.  She told me that she now felt it was a divine appointment for her to be there.  Noela said that the message of God’s faithfulness had come across to her so clearly as she listened to “God is Faithful” that she knew why we were there on that day and why God had prompted her to come.  Several of us talked with Noela as long as we could, and it was an amazing conversation.  God had so touched her and encouraged her heart through the message of His faithfulness that she seemed radiant with faith in His goodness and faithfulness to her, and Noela in turn became an encouragement to all of us.  It was a very brief encounter, but I will never forget it.

I can think of many times when God has also touched my heart with His love and encouragement, just as he touched Noela’s heart.  Comfort or encouragement can come through a kind word, a prayer, a song, a note, a sermon, a scripture passage or verse, and certainly through God’s presence within us and as revealed to us through the kindness and compassion of others.  God is faithful to Noela, He is faithful to me, and He is faithful to you!  Be encouraged today as you thank Him for His faithfulness!  Encourage others as well.  Never forget that God is faithful!

– C. Boyd

Note:  For more information on this story, check these links:
Annerley Baptist Church website:  http://www.annerleybaptist.org.au/
Annerley Baptist Church facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Annerley-Baptist-Church/189082151110455#!/pages/Annerley-Baptist-Church/189082151110455
Information about the city of Annerley (near Brisbane, Australia:  http://queenslandplaces.com.au/annerley

Pray for the people of Australia and of Annerley Baptist Church.  Their Pastor, Brother Jim Johnston, retired at the end of 2012 after 16 and a half years of service there.  The people there were so kind, providing corsages for each of the women in our choir, plus a single red rose (mindful of the fact that mothers were being honored and that we had left our families to come).  They had prepared a meal for us and were so friendly as we shared time together that day.  What a blessing it was to be in the midst of Christian brothers and sisters who live on the other side of the world and to feel so welcome and at home.  🙂

Annerley Baptist Church Pastor, Brother Jim Johnston, and our womens' choir Director, Tyrone Smith

Annerley Baptist Church Pastor, Brother Jim Johnston, and our womens’ choir Director, Tyrone Smith


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Thank you for spending your valuable time reading the contents of this page.  We hope that it has been helpful to you.   If you or someone that you know is looking for answers about life, we hope that you will visit our page called “Do You Know Jesus?”.   The links provided on this page will help to answer life’s deepest questions.   Here is the link to “Do You Know Jesus?”:  http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/do-you-know-jesus/

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Here is a Youtube video of singer Debra Eden’s solo version of “God is Faithful,”  recorded on Debra’s CD entitled, “It Was Love.”   The video was put together with the recording by Debra’s sister.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIdfLJOo3q8



Link to our  “Song Stories”  category to see all of the song story posts:  https://worshipsounds.wordpress.com/category/song-stories/


Blessings through surrender


The Georgia Baptist Convention’s Sons of Jubal are a large Men’s Chorus from all over the State of Georgia, Directed by Dr. Jon Duncan.  The Sons of Jubal meet together for a retreat to rehearse, introduce new members, and learn new music in January each year.   Then, they present worship concerts in Churches and other venues once a month except in the months of December, June, and July.   Many of these men are full-time or bi-vocational Ministers of Music and Worship, and some hold other positions of leadership and service within their home churches and within the Georgia Baptist Convention.   Travis has been a member of this group since January of 2009.  It has been a joy for him to have the opportunity to meet and serve with these gifted and dedicated men.   It has also been a great learning experience for him to travel around the state to present worship concerts in various churches.  We are getting to know the state, the communities, the churches, ministers, and ministries, the needs, and the people of Georgia through the experiences and relationships that have come our way because of this group and the women’s choir, The Jubalheirs.

The Sons of Jubal have sung several songs written by Travis.  Before we moved to Georgia, they were singing  “God is Faithful”  and had recorded it as the title song on one of their CDs.  They have also sung some of the TTBB arrangements done by Travis for The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma.   The Sons of Jubal Ensemble, directed by Steve Brown,  is currently singing Travis’  a cappella arrangement of  “(I Am a) Friend of God.”   The current repertoire of the full choir includes Travis’ song, “A Prayer for the Saints,” which was recently recorded on a new Sons of Jubal CD titled “Washed Away”.  We are thankful that the ministry of the Sons of Jubal will allow these songs to touch many hearts.

For us, the song that we will always associate with The Sons of Jubal is  “Where You Want Me to Be.”   Though the song has also been performed by The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma and was part of the Churchmen’s 50th Anniversary Concert repertoire, directed by both Dr. Ken Gabrielse and Dr. Bill Green, “Where You Want Me to Be” was originally arranged in TTBB voicing for The Sons of Jubal and is dedicated to the group and to Dr. Jon Duncan.  It has seemed very fitting that the first Sons of Jubal song on which Travis sang a solo was “Where You Want Me to Be.”   In this, and in many ways, the Lord has confirmed in our hearts his calling to our current church home and place of service in Georgia after many years of serving in Oklahoma.  The true message of the song, “Where You Want Me to Be”  goes far beyond geographical location, however.   It’s a message for every Christian, one that our Christina brothers and sisters in both Oklahoma and Georgia and all over the world can take to heart.  “Where You Want Me to Be”  is about surrender.  It is only through surrender to God’s sovereignty that we find peace in a broken world.   It is through surrender to His call that we find joy in serving.  It is through surrender to his Holiness that we are humbled and see ourselves as we are…in need of a Savior, in need of His presence and guidance in our lives, and in need of His mercy.   Ultimately, it is in surrender to His plan for our lives that we find our purpose and draw upon His strength to become what He made us to be.   It is this unity of purpose in seeking to glorify the Lord in all of life and through the gift of music that has drawn our hearts to the wonderful people that we have met in Georgia, and we look forward to many more years of serving together and bringing praise to our God.  As we all choose to surrender ourselves and seek to reflect His light more and more, we are right where He wants us to be.

Travis and Cindy Boyd


Look for this identifyling Title / photo thumbnail for “Where You Want Me to Be” on both our Adult Choir Music Page and our Shopping Cart page on the WorshipSounds website.

Look for this identifyling Title / photo thumbnail for “Where You Want Me to Be” on both our Adult Choir Music Page and our Shopping Cart page on the WorshipSounds website.

“Where You Want Me to Be” on our Worship Sounds Music Website
“Where You Want Me to Be”  is available as an SATB or TTBB Choral Anthem on the ‘Adult Choir’  page on our website.
The PDF Master for this anthem can be purchased and downloaded for $15.00, with no additional per copy cost.  You are given permission to print as many copies as needed for your own choir and accompanists.
*  There is a Vocal Solo version of “Where You Want Me to Be” on our website’s Home Page in the left sidebar.  The cost of the Vocal Solo PDF is $5.00, with permission to print copies as needed for your Soloist and Praise Band (chord symbols included on music) or Accompanists.  You’ll find the Vocal Solos on our website’s “Vocal Solos” page.
*  There is a Full Orchestration for “Where You Want Me to Be” that will work with either the Choral Version or the Vocal Solo version of the song.  The bundled PDFs for the Orchestration can be purchased for $30.00 and include a Full Score, String Reduction for Keyboard, and reproducible parts for all string, wind, and percussion instruments.
There is an Accompaniment Track for “Where You Want Me to Be” that features the Full Orchestration and works for either the Anthem or the Vocal Solo.  The Accompaniment Track is available as an Mp3 download for $10.00.

Here’s our recording of the “Where You Want Me to Be” Accompaniment Track (with Solo demonstration vocal) on Sound Cloud.

(Note:  On the website, you can hear this as you view a video demo that also shows the vocal line.
Please remember that this track provides a demo of the Full Orchestration and the track also works with the Choral Anthem.)


Our WorshipSounds Music website
provides worshipful and affordable music
for your Choirs, Ensembles, Orchestra, Congregation, and Soloists!

Click on the photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

Click on the photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.


PERFORMANCE VIDEO:  View  The Sons of Jubal worship concert performance video of   “Where You Want Me to Be” below.  On our website, you can also view the music as you listen and watch a computer demo of either the SATB or TTBB Choral (or the Vocal Solo).
Blessings to you as you surrender to serve right where He wants you to be!


Other songs written by Travis L. Boyd that were mentioned as a part of the recent or current repertoire for the Sons of Jubal are also still available.

*  “God is Faithful” is available from Lorenz Music.  http://www.lorenz.com/product.aspx?id=10_2978M

*  “A Prayer for the Saints”  is available on our website, as an SATB anthem and in a worship pack for use in congregational praise.

In addition, The Jubalheirs have sung or are currently singing the following anthems, also available on our website:

*  “Much More Than a Song”

*  “Greater”

*  “For the Glory of God”

Find “A Prayer for the Saints” (A modern hymn available both as an SATB anthem and as a Worship Pak, with Vocal Solo music, lead sheets for rhythm section, and reproducible half page size hymn sheets for insertion in a bulletin or hymnal) on our Worship Sounds Music website @ http://www.worshipsounds.com


Here is a link to a CNN Video about the Sons of Jubal trip to a Choral festival in N. Korea in April of 2012.  The video includes an interview with the group’s Director, Dr. Jon Duncan.



Here’s a link to a press release about the Sons Of Jubal’s April, 2012, trip to North Korea and China.   http://sojtrip2012.org/sons-of-jubal-press-release/#more-67


Do you know Jesus? 

The decision to ask Jesus to come into your heart and life as your Lord and Savior is the best decision you could ever make!  The one true God is ready to give you forgiveness and eternal life as soon as you understand your need for Him and believe on the name of His only Son, Jesus, for your salvation.  Here’s a blog page link to help you find the answers to your questions about Jesus.  http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/do-you-know-jesus/


Ideas for Choir Appreciation Sunday/ Music Ministry Sunday

Sunday, January 8th, 2012, was set aside as as the first National Choir Appreciation Sunday.   However, since appreciation, thankfulness, and encouragement are always appropriate at every time of year, such an event is a good reminder for those who lead in Music and Worship Ministry to also demonstrate leadership in expressing their thankfulness publicly for the volunteers who give so much of their time and energy to participate in Choir and other Music Ministry organizations.

See the Facebook page for this event at:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/National-Choir-Appreciation-Sunday/250302075020204?sk=info

Remember that the designated date for Choir Appreciation Sunday is not the only time that you can plan an appreciation event for your choir or for all of your music ministry participants.  January may not be the best month for such an event at your church.  It can be difficult to come back right after Christmas and plan a large musical event within the month.  So, if you want to plan an Appreciation Sunday event for your Choir(s) or for all of your Music Ministry volunteers (musicians, tech team, drama group, etc),  good planning is essential.  Here are some suggestions and ideas that you may want to consider or implement.

1.  After you have formulated some plans in your mind and before you do any publicity, share your plans with your Pastor and at Staff Planning Meeting.  Your Pastor and fellow Ministers may have some ideas that will be helpful guidance for you in selecting the best date to have such an emphasis and also some ideas about how to proceed with planning that may give a boost to your own creativity.  The primary thing that you need to stress is that you want to say “thank you” to these faithful Music Ministry participants without taking the focus off of our mighty God, who is the Source of music, the Giver of gifts, and the reason we sing.  Remember that you do not have to stick to the January 8th date if that does not allow enough time for preparation right after the Christmas holidays or work well for your church, your groups, or your calendar.   Flexibility is key.

2.  In doing your planning to prepare for meeting with your Pastor and Ministerial Staff, pray for direction.  For example, you need to determine whether to make this a Music Ministry Appreciation Sunday or whether to just make the Choir your focus.   You may have other groups that you want to include in this time of thanksgiving, such as accompanists, orchestra, handbell choirs, age-group choirs (from pre-school choir to Sr. Adult Choir and everything in between), praise teams, rhythm section, tech teams, etc.

If your focus is to be for all of the Music Ministry groups, you could use a “Celebration Sunday” approach, with several groups sharing messages in song or performing together, keeping the focus on worship.  At some point, you could direct the attention of the congregation to the fact that God is the Source and Giver of Music and musical talents, that He sings over us, and that He has blessed your church with some incredible volunteers in Music Ministry.   You could ask the congregation to join you in thanking God through prayer for the gifts that He has given and the privelege of singing (and playing) music for His glory.   Applause in thanksgiving would also be appropriate, again directed at God.  At the conclusion of this focus time, I would recommend a brief statement, encouraging your congregation to verbally express their thanks to the people who are involved as volunteers in Music Ministry in your church whenever possible. stating that we all need to encourage one another, and saying that verbal encouragement to anyone who serves in any capacity within the fellowship lifts the body of Christ and draws our hearts closer to one another.   Then, get back to praise and worship of the One who gives us a reason to serve, to sing, to play, to teach, and to love.
Your Pastor may want to tie his message to the focus for the day, perhaps preaching about encouraging one another or about worship in general, but this is not absolutely necessary.  However, your planning and communication with him gives him the opportunity to do this if he feels led in this direction.

3.  Combine Choirs and include groups of all ages!  Plan to have the Youth Choir and Senior Adult Choir join the Adult Choir in sharing a message on our special emphasis Sunday.  This is the sort of thing that requires advance planning for all of the groups’ schedules as well as a little bit of extra rehearsal time, so repertore decisions and decisions about which groups to include need to take place in the early stages of planning.  (Note:  see a couple of repertoire suggestions at the end of this blog poat.)  At our church, these 3 groups could sing a song that our Senior Adult Choir already knows and has just shared at our statewide Senior Adult Choir festival.  In rehearsal times, invite your Senior Adult Choir into the Youth Choir rehearsal to help the young people learn the song. Most churches have some very lively and fun-loving Senior Adults, so this should be an energetic and enjoyable time for all.   Then, plan a joint rehearsal with all three groups, along with accompanists or orchestra and rhythm section, prior to the special emphasis Sunday.   Here are some additional ideas (some that would work best for an All-inclusive Music Minstry Celebration Sunday, and several that would work well for a Choir Appreciation focus) to consider during your planning:

a.  If you have worship banners that are not up in your Sanctuary or Worship Center all the time, consider using these to add to the celebration (of giving thanks for God’s gift of music and for the musical gifts within your volunteer musical groups) in your service that day.   Or, you may want to use several weeks to focus on the attributes of God before the focused Celebration Sunday comes to pass.  For example, if you have a banner that says, “Lamb of God,”  make this your focus on a particular Sunday.  Sing songs and read scripture that relate to the sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God.  Then, if you have another banner that says, “King of Kings,” make that your focus on another week.   Save your “Jesus”  or “Lord of Lords”  or  “Mighty God” banner for the final week of Celebration emphasis when you will express thanks for your faithful Music Ministry volunteers but primarily focus on the God who has formed them, gifted them, saved them, and called them to serve.

b.  You could also have a few Music Ministry volunteers give a brief testimony, one each week, in the weeks leading up to your special emphasis Sunday.  They could tell what the opportunity to serve in this way means to them and how God speaks to them through music.

c.  Enter singing praises!  You could begin the special service by leading a worship chorus with only your accompanists and rhythm section on the platform or in the loft area.  Then have your choir come in (from the back of your Worship Center) near the end of that song or during a second, more upbeat, worship song or hymn, singing as they come down the aisles.   If you involve multiple choirs, this could be especially effective; and banners that relate to worship and praise could be carried in at the front of each group.  Perhaps each Adult or Senior Adult Choir member could walk beside a child from your childrens choirs, making sure that ‘their’ child winds up standing where the Childrens’ Choir is supposed to be (perhaps on risers or just in a group in front of the Youth and Adult Choirs).  You could even ask the congregation to stand in worship of our mighty God and join your choirs and/or musicians in lifting praise to Him.  Then, you could have an excellent trumpet player play a short but majestic fanfare just prior to the song or hymn that is used for the choir’s entrance.  Fanfare guidelines:  if someone else (your trumpet player, for example) chooses the fanfare that will be played, make sure he/she knows what key will work well with the hymn or chorus that is to follow, make sure that it is not a familiar fanfare (such as the well known ones used for the Olympics), and listen to it being played to give your final OK.   For the choral procession, I would suggest “Worthy of Worship” as a great hymn choice or “Sing to the King”  if you prefer to use a chorus.

d.  If you want to use your banners or media to focus on the attributes of God, you could build excitement leading up to the special Sunday by focusing on one attribute or name of God (Lamb of God, Bread of Life, Holy, or whatever your banners say) in each of several Sundays leading up to the planned special Worship Ministry Sunday.   During each of these services where you are focusing on a specific attribute or name of God, have each song that is shared by whatever group focus on that attribute or name, ending with the most significant attribute(s) or name(s) (such as Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Savior, Mighty God) being used on the special Sunday, with appropriate music choices.  You can also use all of your banners on that one Sunday by focusing each song or scripture reading on a different attribute or name of God (having that banner carried in during the appropriate song), ending with a “Lord of Lords” or “Mighty God”  banner and focus.  You could even have various lay leaders help you to end the time of musical praise by having each person emphatically state the name for God or for Christ on one of your banners; and when all the names have been pronounced, say that this is why we worship Him.   He is worthy of our praise.

e.  You could choose to have a Choir Reunion or Music Ministry Reunion be a part of your special day.  If there are former members that you could contact who live within driving distance and could join you for a special Sunday emphasis, this could be very meaningful.  Be sure to give them a few weeks notice in your invitation to come.   This could also serve as a reminder of the ultimate Choir reunion that will take place someday in Heaven.

f.  Use your media capabilities to the fullest.  Have pictures of your groups (in rehearsal, from special productions, serving in various ways on mission trips, etc.) that are shown on the screen as you speak about them or when they join together to sing (and play) a special worship song.

g.  Do some research and study about the use of choirs in worship and praise (in the Bible and throughout the history of the church) so that you may be able to share some specific scriptures or brief facts during your service.  (Note:  See our page entitled “Lift Your Voice (worship scriptures)” for a great worship scripture reference from both the Old and New Testaments.  Here is the link:  http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/lift-your-voice/

h.  Remember that this is a special day of encouragement and thankfulness for the people of God who use their talents to glorify God, and then ultimately direct all praise toward God Himself, who is always worthy of our thankfulness for every good thing.

i.  You could have a special dinner after the morning worship service for your Choir(s) or for all Music Ministry volunteers (at your church or at a restaurant).  This dinner could end with a prayer of commitment to continue to use our gifts in His service.

j.  Attempt to keep the focus on worship of God and Jesus and off of yourself as Worship Leader, Minister, or Pastor.  Worship is the privelege of every Christian, and you could even have a couple of teachable moments for your congregation (about 24/7 worship, seeking to glorify Him in all that we do) woven into the fabric of your focused worship time.  To help emphasize the point that worship is so much more than just singing or hearing a song, if you use a bulletin, make sure that it utilizes specific worship headings, such as”
“Worship through contemplation”   (prelude)
“Worship through proclamation”   (song of proclamation of who God is, His power, what He has done…)
“Worship through giving”  (tithes and offering)
“Worship through testimony” (spoken or sung)
“Worship through exhortation”  (a message or song of challenge or encouragement)
“Worship through thanksgiving”  (sung, spoken, or prayed)
“Worship through prayer”
“Worship through praise”
“Worship through the spoken Word”  (scripture reading)
“Worship through the proclamation of the Word”  (sermon)

You get the idea.  All that we do is worship when done with the motivation of glorifying God.
For help with ideas for communicating a theology of lifestyle worship, see our page entitled “Lifestyle Worship” at http://www.worshipsounds.wordpress.com/lifestyle-worship/

k.  Use a meaningful reading at some point, such as excerpts from David Nassar’s book, “Glory Revealed.”   Begin reading on page 30, chapter 2, (titled ” Glory Revealed Through Conversation) under the bold print heading, “…every song we sing to the Lord is a duet and not a solo.”  Read through the end of the chapter (slightly less than 3 pages).  You will probably want to make some cuts in the text, such as the section on lullabies, for use in congregational worship; but this is a very meaningful passage that can change the outlook of individuals regarding worship for the remainder of their lives.  Decide whether to have one person read this or to divide the lines up between 2 readers, and make sure this is well-prepared in order to be most effective.

Here are a few suggestions for your repertoire on Choir Appreciation Sunday or Music Ministry Appreciation Sunday:

1.  “Sometimes I Hear God’s Music”
lyrics by the late J. Paul Williams
music by Joseph M. Martin
If this piece is already in your library, you may want to consider re-purchasing it in the updated version released as part of the “Legacy” series honoring well-known lyricist J. Paul Williams.  The arrangement has been updated by composer Joseph M. Martin, and a new orchestration has been written for this piece by Stan Pethel.   This piece is now available for SSA and TTB in addition to the SATB voicing.  For more information, here is a link to the publisher’s info page:
To listen to the updated version of  “Sometimes I Hear God’s Music”  in SATB voicing, with the new orchestration, use this link:  http://listeninglab.stantons.com/title/sometimes-i-hear-gods-music/141068/

2.  “The Music of God”
lyrics by John Parker
music by Mark Hayes
Also published by the Harold Flammer division of Shawnee Press (now under Hal Leonard)
This piece is arranged for SATB choir (though much of the part writing is in SAB), with children’s choir, congregation, and flute obbligato.  It has an excellent text and beautiful melody.  It also encorporates the familiar hymn melody known as Ellacombe (“I Sing the Mighty Power of God”) for congregational singing.  I could not find a listening sample in my web searches, but you can obtain a free browser copy of this anthem on Mark Hayes’ website at this link:

3.  “Sing a Song to the Lord”
lyrics and music by Travis L. Boyd
published by Shawnee Press  (see info on our websites ‘Published Music’  page at http://www.worshipsounds.com )
This is a more upbeat choral praise anthem, in SATB voicing, with a contrast in styles between the legato verses and the rhythmic chorus.  Here is the Publisher’s description:  “Travis Boyd is fantastic at up-tempo rhythmic pieces and this youthful expression of praise is no exception. Use as a call to worship or as an intergenerational moment incorporating youth and adult choirs. The creative transition section builds to an impressive crescendo that is very exciting to sing and hear. Exhilarating!”
To listen to this anthem, use this link:  http://listeninglab.stantons.com/title/sing-a-song-to-the-lord/335710/
“Sing a Song to the Lord” is available from:
* Stanton’s (hear complete demo, price $1.75) http://listeninglab.stantons.com/search/?v=Travis+Boyd&t=composer&x=67&y=17
* Pine Lake (complete demo for listening, info about accompaniment track, price $1.75) at this link:  http://pinelakemusic.com/Results.aspx?search=Travis% 20Boyd&toc=false
* Sheet Music Plus (with complete demo and sample pages, no mention of trax, price $1.40) at this link:  http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search?q=Travis+Boyd
* Music Mart (price 1.75, no demo) @ http://www.musicmart.com/Search.aspx?k=Travis%20Boyd
* Music 44 (price $1.75, no demo) @ http://www.music44.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=6064E0ACEA8A57A23CE7B0B96DBF8E2A&Screen=SRCH&Store_Code=X&ArtistSearch=Travis_Boyd&Pg=2&SortBy=1&PerPg=12&PgChange=1
* From original publisher, Shawnee Press (price $1.75, no demo), at this link:  http://www.shawneepress.com/search/search.do?subsiteid=204&keywords=Travis+Boyd
* And from Hal Leonard (price $1.75, no demo) at this link:  http://www.halleonard.com/search/search.do?subsiteid=5&keywords=Travis+Boyd&searchcategory=00

Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

4.  “Let the Trumpet Sound”
lyrics and music by Travis L. Boyd
SATB Choral with piano accompaniment and Trumpet Obbligato (obbligato can also be played on organ or keyboard)
This anthem has a classical type sound.  It has been sung, in an SSAA arrangement, by The Singing Churcwomen of Oklahoma, then under the direction of Dr. Bill Green, and was used at the beginning of the group’s worship concerts.  This anthem is available on our WorshipSounds website’s “General Use Anthems” music page.  Click the photo at right to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

5.  “For the Glory of God”
lyrics and music by Travis L. Boyd
SATB Choral anthem with an upbeat message of praise, also available in SSAA and TTBB voicings
This anthem is in the current repertoire of the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Jubalheirs, a choir made up of women who are active in Worship ministry throughout the state of Georgia, under the direction of Dr. Jon Duncan.  It is also available in SSAA.   “For the Glory of God” can be found on our website’s “General Use Anthems” music page.  Click the Worship Sounds Music church photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

6.  “Much More Than a Song”
lyrics and music by Travis L. Boyd
SATB Choral, also available as a Vocal Solo (in 3 keys for Low, Medium, and High voice)
This anthem has been sung in a TTBB voicing by The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, then under the direction of Dr. Bill Green, and by the Georgia Baptist Convention’s Jubalheirs, under the direction of Dr. Jon Duncan.  It is a lovely ballad with a thoughtful and inspiring message about choosing to praise God in every circumstance.  “Much More Than a Song” is available on our website’s “General Use Anthems” music page.  Click the Worship Sounds Music church photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

7.  “Praise God”
lyrics and music by Travis (L.) Boyd
SATB Choral, published by the Glory Sounds division of Shawnee Press (now with Hal Leonard)
A lovely setting of the traditional Doxology lyrics with a flowing piano accompaniment, this choral anthem incorporates a portion of the hymn “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”.
You can hear this anthem in its entirety on our SoundCloud, and then there are links in the information about the anthem that will lead you to distributors who offer it.  Here is the link to the publisher’s choral demo on our Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/#travis-l-boyd/05-praise-god-copyright?in=travis-l-boyd/sets/publishers-demos-of-my-choral
“Praise God” is available from Sheet Music Plus at this link:  http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search?q=Travis+Boyd

8.  “All the Praise”
lyrics and music by Travis (L.) Boyd
Published by the Lorenz Corporation
SATB Choral
Available from the Lorenz Corporation, with all related products (Brass & Rhythm Score, Acc. Trax), complete demo and sample pages at this link:  http://www.lorenz.com/Results.aspx?page=1&rpp=25&title=Travis%20Boyd&voicing1=&div=&producttype=*&usage=&level=&pop=False&pod=True&bnew=True&bbest=False&sortorder=ASC&composer=&acap=False&series=&SearchOpt=&biblebook=&biblechapter=-1&bibleverse=-1&divwiseproduct=False

9.  Magnificent Praise
lyrics and music by Travis (L.) Boyd
Published by the Lorenz Corporation
SATB Choral
Available from the Lorenz Corporation, with all related products (Brass & Rhythm Score, Acc. Trax), complete demo and sample pages at this link:  http://www.lorenz.com/Results.aspx?page=1&rpp=25&title=Travis%20Boyd&voicing1=&div=&producttype=*&usage=&level=&pop=False&pod=True&bnew=True&bbest=False&sortorder=ASC&composer=&acap=False&series=&SearchOpt=&biblebook=&biblechapter=-1&bibleverse=-1&divwiseproduct=False

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Click on the photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

Click on the photo above to go directly to the Home Page of our Worship Sounds Music website.

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Travis and Cindy Boyd
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Click on the photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

Click on the photo above to go directly to our Worship Sounds Music website.

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Click on the photo above to go to our Worship Sounds Music website.

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Travis L. Boyd is a former High School Band director who has been serving as a Minister of Music and Worship for many years.  As a Choral Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, and Orchestrator, he has Choral Anthems, praise songs, Anthem Orchestrations, and Brass and Rhythm Charts published with Shawnee Press / Hal Leonard, Lorenz, Inc., Lifeway, Choristers Guild, and Broadman.  His works have been translated into Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, and Italian and have been sung, played, and recorded by the following Choral and Instrumental groups:

Travis L. Boyd

Travis L. Boyd

*  The Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma
*  The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma
*  The Oklahoma Baptist Symphony
*  The Sons of Jubal
*  The Jubalheirs
*  The Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters and Orchestra
*  The Atlanta Choral Guild
*  The Farrells
*  InOvation

…in addition to having been recorded by several individuals on custom CDs and shared in worship and concert settings, on Vimeo, and on YouTube by Adult, Children’s, and Student Choirs in Churches and Schools worldwide.  It is such a privelege to be a part of choral ministries, and Travis counts it a blessing to both direct and sing in choral organizations.  He loves to worship and praise the Lord and to lead God’s people in worship.  There is no sweeter sound!


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Click this image to go to our WorshipSounds website.

Click this image to go to our Worship Sounds website.

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